Mobile Networks And Their Mobile Money Services In Ghana

Mobile Networks And Their Mobile Money Services In Ghana.

Here Are Some Of The Mobile Money services In Ghana You Should Know — As Smartphone Has Brought Simple Way To Make Transaction Of Money Conveniently.

This may just be a brief of Some Mobile Networks and their mobile money services in Ghana but as time goes on, we shall give you some detailed guides about what you should know about them and how to use them in the convenient way. Such is why it is required that you subscribed to ICT Catalogue for more information around the technology circle. You can also read on the introduction of the mobile money service in Ghana to have some basic ideas of how the mobile money started in Ghana and some key-points to note.

Mobile Networks And Their Mobile Money Services In Ghana

  • MTN Ghana – MTN Mobile Money

MTN MobileMoney is a cash management service available on the mobile phone or internet. It is mainly about facilitating money transfer for the Ghanaian market. The service is available to both mobile and non mobile users. As time goes on, ICT Catalogue shall be giving you some detailed information on how to register, send payment, make more use of the MTN Mobile Money for other benefits you never knew.

  • Vodafone GH – Vodafone Cash

Vodafone Ghana has announced the launch of its Mobile Money service for the beginning of 2015. We will provide you with all necessary information in due time.

  • Airtel GH – Airtel Cash

Airtel Money is an innovative service from Airtel Ghana Ltd. The service is accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week from your phone menu and is secure, convenient, fast and easy to use. All you need is to register at any Airtel Centre or Airtel Money Agent Point, countrywide (it’s free, just bring your valid photo ID).

  • TiGO GH – Tigo Cash.

TiGO Cash is a TiGO mobile financial services product that allows you to use your mobile phone as a mobile bank account. Tigo Cash provides you with EASY, INSTANT, CONVENIENT and CAN SEND TO ALL NETWORKS way of sending and receiving cash and buying airtime credit using a mobile phone anywhere in Ghana. Customers can deposit and withdraw cash from their mobile phone with any of our authorized Tigo Cash Agents or Customer service centers. Customers are not required to hold a bank account to use the service. Maybe sooner or later, we may outline some detailed guide about how to use TiGO cash fully.

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With the list of the mobile networks and their mobile money services in Ghana, could this be to it that Ghana is having only 4 or 3 mobile money services currently?

I just asked this based on the fact that, Airtel Ghana has merged to TiGO Ghana — now making it AirtelTigo. With this, the mobile money is what we should look at if we should accept to call it AirtelTigo Cash.

That’s what you can tell from the list of networks and their mobile money services in Ghana.

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