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What is Computer Networking

The term computer networking is the network of connected computing devices that may communicate and share resources. To send data across wired or wireless technologies, these networked devices employ a set of guidelines known as communications protocols. Managing, maintaining, and using the network infrastructure, software, and policies are all included in computer networking, in addition… Read More »

Bluetooth And Infared Technology

With new electrical devices being produced every day, the problem of connecting things is becoming more and more complex in nature. The system that comprises computers and other electronics makes use of varieties of wires, cables, etc. These parts will communicate through light beams, lasers, radio signals, and infrared. The problem however, is the devices… Read More »

The Different Parts Of A CPU And Their Functions

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) handles all the instructions from a computer’s software and hardware. The importance of this component is largely felt when it comes to the task you want to perform. It’s also referred to as a processor, central processor, or microprocessor. With each new CPU release, laptops are becoming faster, more powerful… Read More »