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The Evolution of Robotics and Automation: Catalysts for Industry Transformation

The Evolution of Robotics and Automation: Catalysts for Industry Transformation from ICT Catalogue in 2023. In the ever-evolving landscape of industry and technology, the advent of robotics and automation has been nothing short of revolutionary. These dynamic technologies have not only disrupted traditional business models but have also spurred rapid advancements across various sectors, including… Read More »

What Would The World Be Like Without Internet?

Have you ever come to think about how our lives are going to be like, without the presence of the internet today? Like there would not be websites for you to be reading from today, and ICT Catalogue as a technology blog wont be existing online and nowhere to be found. Just take a look… Read More »

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5 Primary Areas of Robotics

Due to the increasing complexity of robotic systems and the number of technicians needed to maintain and design them, the field has become more substantial. There are now five specialized areas in the field of robotics and each of them provides a perpetual operation of live casino games. Since designing and programming advanced robotic systems… Read More »

How Will 5G Affect IoT Technology?

Technology has grown to become part of human life, as each and everyday, we need technology tools and gadgets to accomplish our everyday transactions. With this, Technology brings transformations within a blink of an eye — in our lives. A lot of technology inventions come and go. Something that was new yesterday, might turn to… Read More »

Meet The Samsung Bot Chef That Cooks Like A Boss

Meet The Samsung Bot Chef That Cooks Like A Boss. Technology has advanced and improved the life of mankind, and is making work so simpler and easier each and everyday in human life. Technology experts are working towards a lot of goals set to assign most of works to be done by mankind to technology… Read More »