How To Reverse Airtime To MTN Mobile Money Wallet

By | April 9, 2022

How To reverse MTN Mobile Money Transaction if you mistakenly buy credit instead of cash or Mobile Money.

Imagine at a point in time, you wanted to send Money to your loved one via Mobile Money and particularly MTN Mobile Money and it happened to be that, you mistakenly sent airtime from your Mobile Money account instead of sending Mobile Money cash.

What Will you do, how will you react, what will you say, how do you go about this?

In today’s article guide, I would like to teach you how to convert your airtime credit to your MTN Mobile Money wallet for 2021 in Ghana.

What Is MTN Mobile Money?

MTN Mobile Money is a secure electronic service that enables MTN Mobile Money wallet holders to store funds, send and receive money, make payments and do a number of other transactions simply using their mobile phone. It’s fast, simple, convenient and affordable.

How To Reverse MTN Mobile Money Transaction If You Mistakenly Buy Credit Instead Of Cash (Money).

The introduction of mobile money banking transactions in Ghana have made it simple and easy of doing business.

Mobile money transactions via our mobile phones have helped us to transact businesses from the comfort of our homes. One can buy goods and services with just a dial of the MTN mobile money shortcode  and make or receive payment.

While the introduction of mobile money is good convenient, there are other problems associated with the usage of this technology device.

Imagine, you want to transfer an amount of GHS 500 to your love ones and you mistakenly send GHS 500 worth of credit to that person, what will you do if you are in this situation?

MTN Ghana after listening to complains from their loyal customers, have introduced what is called airtime to mobile mobile reversal on unto their mobile money service in Ghana.

How To Reverse Airtime Transaction To MTN Mobile Money

This article has the method for you to follow today on how to convert airtime to cash on MTN Mobile Money service. I believe you are seriously searching for how you can convert airtime to cash or how to convert airtime to mobile money. Kindly follow the steps below to learn how to convert airtime to cash on MTN Mobile Money.

  • Dial *170#
  • Select option 6 (My wallet)
  • Select option 7 — Airtime Reversal
  • Select option 1
  • Follow rest of the instruction to reverse that airtime into mobile money.

It is worthy to note that you cannot do airtime reversal transaction with a value less than GHS 10.

Check Video on How To Reverse Airtime To MTN Mobile Money Below

MTN Ghana: Y’ello, kindly note that your airtime reversal request of GHS 10.00 is successful. Fee charged GHS 0.00.

Message: Payment Received for GHS 10.00 from Airtime Reversal OVA.
Current Balance: GHS xxx.xx

This is all involved in how to convert your mistakenly sent airtime to MTN Mobile Money the convenient way.

Terms and conditions for Reversing Airtime Transactions On MTN Mobile Money

MTN has put some terms and conditions to govern how people can convert this airtime for cash money using their MTN Mobile Money to avoid abuse in the system. Read the terms and conditions of the MTN Mobile Money airtime reversal; knowing how to convert your credit back to cash.

  • Minimum airtime to be reserved is GHS 10. Transactions below GHS 10 cannot be reversed.
  • No partial reversal is allowed. The subscriber needs to ensure that the full value of airtime purchased and the bonus amount received is available before the reversal can be affected.
  • Reversals from Merchant / Agent airtime purchase is not allowed.
  • Reversals are initiated by the subscriber from their own wallets.
  • Reversals cover only airtime purchased from a MoMo subscriber’s wallet.
  • Notification will be sent to both the sender and receiver upon completion of the reversal.
  • In case some part of the bonus or main airtime has been used by the customer, the transaction cannot be reversed. The customer has the opportunity to top-up to ensure that the full amount is available to be able to reverse.
  • The sender of the Airtime needs to contact the receiver to approve the reversal after initiating the reversal.
  • Airtime reversal can only be done within 72 hours of performing the transaction.
  • No reversal can be processed after 72 hours of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About How To Reverse Airtime To MTN Mobile Money

How To Change Airtime To Mobile Money

If you want to know how to reverse MTN Mobile Money Transactions or Change Airtime back into cash, you dial *170#, Enter 6 for Wallet, Enter 7 for Airtime Reversal. Enter 1 to confirm the reversal.

If I Mistakenly buy airtime, how do I convert it back to mobile money?

If you mistakenly buy airtime, the best way to convert it back to Mobile Money on MTN is to follow the steps above or watch the video.

how to transfer credit back to mobile money

To transfer MTN credit back to your MTN Mobile Money wallet, kindly dial *170#, choose the option 6 for My Wallet and select the option 7 for Airtime Reversal. Now, follow the steps and transfer your credit back to mobile money successfully.

Wrapping Up!

If you mistakenly sent an airtime instead of money to someone using MTN Mobile Money, then the best way to reverse that airtime to money is to follow this simple guide on how to convert airtime to mobile money with MTN Mobile Money.

Kindly share this post on How to reverse Airtime to MTN Mobile Money if found useful and also drop your concerns as opinions regarding this post using the comment box below.

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