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How To Shop Online From Hisense Ghana

Here is a complete steps on how to do shopping online from Hisense Ghana and get it delivered to your doorstep within some few minutes. I have encountered many occasions whereby customers order for products online and could wait for weeks, months or a year before getting the item delivered — whereas the case of… Read More »

How To Link Your Ghana Card To CAGD System

With an effort to avoid delay in your salary from the government of Ghana, here is How To Link Your Ghana Card To CAGD System yourself. With the news that all Government employees without Ghana Card will not receive salaries effective February 2024, from Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) — this calls for the… Read More »

Career Paths For Individuals With A Cybersecurity Degree

Today, data is essential for the success and functionality of all organizations. As a result, companies have developed and adopted systems, programs, and applications that use the latest technology to collect, store, and share information.  Cybersecurity aims to protect personal and company information from unauthorized access, theft, attacks, and damage. Therefore, it defends servers, systems,… Read More »