How To Send Money From Vodafone Cash To MTN Mobile Money

How To Send Money From Vodafone Cash To MTN Mobile Money in Ghana.

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Not long ago, the mobile money interoperability started in Ghana — making it so simple to send money across all mobile networks in Ghana.

Mobile money has been on its rise — as each and everyday, more smartphones are produces and mobile users increase in number or quantity.

As smartphone users are on the rise — as new generations come, same way do we expect the mobile money service to be on its rise.

What Is Mobile Money Interoperability?

Mobile money interoperability is when you transfer money between two different mobile money accounts on different networks. In addition, mobile money interoperability allows you to send money between mobile money accounts on different mobile networks or between your mobile money account and bank account.

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This post today is about sending money the interoperability way, using Vodafone Cash to transfer money to other mobile networks, preferably MTN Mobile Money.

How To Send Money From Vodafone Cash Account To MTN Mobile Money

  • Dial Vodafone Cash short code *110#
  • Select Send Money
  • Choose Other Networks
  • Select the network operator e.g. MTN
  • Enter the recipient’s phone number
  • Enter the Amount
  • Enter your PIN Code
  • Confirm transaction

Done. Money Sent. As seamless as possible.

Update: With an official update from Vodafone Ghana, you can send money from your Vodafone Cash account to any mobile money service in Ghana for free.

AlsoVodafone Ghana Allows You To Send Money To All Networks For Free With Vodafone Cash

This is how simple and easier it is to send money from Vodafone Cash to MTN Mobile Money in Ghana — and we hope to bring you update on how to send money from MTN Mobile Money to Vodafone Cash also.

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