How To Check Your MTN Mobile Money Registration Details

By | January 18, 2022

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I have received countless messages from friends and loved ones, encounter many requests from readers of ICT Catalogue regarding how they can check for their MTN mobile money registration details, as well as their names used to register for the MTN Mobile Money account in Ghana.

In answer to their numerous requests, I decided to gather this piece of information here, to teach individuals how to check your MTN mobile money registration details in Ghana.

As we all know, MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) is one of the popular and widely used mobile money service in Ghana.

Sometimes, when registering for our MTN Mobile Money wallet in Ghana, MTN MoMo agents or Merchants do capture our details wrongly and input the incorrect MTN MoMo details on our account.

When this happens to you, the best way to get rid of it — is to Check Your MTN Mobile Money Registration Details and take a step to change it.

How To Check Your MTN Mobile Money Registration Details In Ghana

I am going to provide you with the basic steps you need to check your MTN mobile money registration details easily in Ghana for 2021.

  1. On your phone, dial MTN MoMo shortcode — *170#
  2. Enter the option 6 — My Wallet
  3. Enter the option 10 — Name & Next of Kin
  4. Your MTN MoMo name will appear including your ‘Next of Kin’

Check Wallet Name & Next of Kin
Wallet Name: ICT Catalogue
Next of Kin: Technology Blog in Ghana

If you want to change your Next of Kin, you can enter the option 1 below the Next of Kin and change.

Despite using the MTN Mobile Money shortcode to check for your MTN MoMo registration name, you can also try your hands on sending money to a friend or colleague closer to you and your name shall appear to him or her. After that, he/she can mention the name that appears for you.

How To Change Your MTN Mobile Money Name If Details Are Inaccurate

If you want to know what to do if your MTN Mobile money registration details are inaccurate, then the best method is to follow the steps given below.

  • Visit any nearby MTN Ghana office with a valid ID. Eg. Voter’s ID, Ghana Card, Passport, NHIS Card or Driver’s License
  • Talk to customer care about your wrong MTN MoMo details
  • Present your ID card to the customer care
  • There will be corrections and inputting your correct details unto the MTN mobile money system.
  • Now, you can check again for your MTN Mobile Money registration name.

We have a full guide for you about how to change your MTN Mobile Money name in Ghana.

I am glad to keep you updated about how to check your MTN MoMo registration details on your mobile phone in Ghana.

Thanks for making ICT Catalogue one of the biggest Tech blogs in Ghana — that curates everyday untold stories in the technology space of Ghana.

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