How To Withdraw MTN Mobile Money From ATM In Ghana

By | October 9, 2021

If you are looking for How To Withdraw MTN Mobile Money From ATM In Ghana, then this article probably has more to educate you about.

MTN Ghana after launching the Mobile Money service across the nation, has been making major changes to help improve the use of this mobile banking platform in Ghana.

Hence, MTN Mobile Money has remained the biggest mobile money service in Ghana with the integration of a lot of features.

MTN Mobile Money allows you to send money to unregistered person, registered person, send money to other mobile networks using mobile money services, buy airtime and data bundles, Pay for bills, take loans, deposit money into your bank account and withdraw money from your bank account as well.

Before, MTN only made the option for individuals to make withdrawal of cash from their MTN Mobile Money wallet which was solely facilitated by mobile money merchants across Ghana.

But now, MTN Ghana has made a partnership with some banks in Ghana to implement the ATM Cash out service — for the ease of mobile money cash out.

There can be instances whereby you might get stuck somewhere and will not have access to any nearby Mobile money merchant, but ATM Machine can only be the means of withdrawing your money.

With the no Master, Visa, Debit or Credit card required to make withdrawal, MTN Mobile Money users have the convenience and ease to withdraw money instantly from ATMs of partner banks in Ghana anytime.

MTN Mobile Money Partner Banks in Ghana

Though we mentioned earlier in this article that, you can withdraw MTN mobile money from any ATM in Ghana, there are selected banks you can withdraw your money from. These banks are;

  • Ecobank
  • Barclays Bank (Now Absa)
  • Access Bank
  • GTBank
  • Zenith Bank
  • Fidelity Bank

How To Withdraw MTN Mobile Money From ATM in Ghana

As I have listed some of the information, regarding how withdrawing money from MTN Mobile Money was before, the selected banks in partnership with MTN Ghana to allow you withdraw money from your mobile money account, let us now take a look and follow the steps you can withdraw money — out of your MTN Mobile Money account via ATM machine in Ghana.

  • Dial *170#
  • Select option 5, Financial services
  • Choose 1, Bank Services
  • Select 3, ATM Cash Out
  • Select the option 1, to generate a token
  • Enter a four digit secret code
  • Enter amount between GHS 5 to GHS 500 and follow the next steps on the ATM.
  • On the ATM, Choose Cardless Transactions
  • Choose MTN Mobile Money
  • Enter your generated code
  • Enter your four digit secret code (PIN)
  • Input the amount of money your entered from your Mobile money.
  • Enter your PIN to authorize the transaction
  • Wait a while to receive your money from the ATM.

Keep Note: Some ATM Machines do not dispense GHS 1 and GHS 2 notes, and it’s good you will always make withdrawal in multiples of GHS 10. Assuming you want to withdraw GHS 511, kindly make withdrawal for GHS 510 rather — to be on the safer side.

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If it happened to be that you do not have MTN Mobile Money account, then you can read; How To Register For MTN Mobile Money In Ghana.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About MTN Mobile Money From ATM In Ghana

MTN Mobile Money withdrawal limit

MTN Mobile Money has withdrawal limit for each and everyone. The limit will depend on the type of account you are using.

code to withdraw money from ATM

The only short code to withdraw money from ATM in Ghana is the same MTN Mobile Money short code, *170#.

how to withdraw money at ATM

To withdraw money from ATM, you can follow the simple steps given here.

cardless ATM withdrawal in Ghana

The only cardless ATM Withdrawal is to withdraw money from your MTN Mobile Money through any nearby ATM Machine.

how to withdraw money from MTN mobile money

It is very simple to withdraw money from your MTN Mobile money, either from an MTN Mobile Money vendor or via ATM.

how to withdraw money from ATM using mobile

The best way to withdraw money from ATM using mobile is the method provided above here.

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