AirtelTigo Money: How To Register, Shortcode, Send And Receive Money

By | August 10, 2020

AirtelTigo Money: How To Register, Shortcode, Send And Receive Money.

AirtelTigo Money has made it so simple for us to send and receive money in a faster and more secured channel using our mobile phones or via a registered AirtelTigo Money agent. The service of AirtelTigo Money is offered by AirtelTigo Ghana in partnership with some selected banks in Ghana that are working under the license of Bank of Ghana officially.

Before the introduction of Mobile Money interoperability, the services of AirtelTigo was interesting in such that, you can send money to anyone via any network in Ghana. This alone makes using AirtelTigo very interesting and convenient way of sending and receiving money via mobile phones.

Before we dive into more details on guides about AirtelTigo, let’s first of all know some of the key features of AirtelTigo Money.

What Is AirtelTigo Money?

AirtelTigo Money is a digital payment system that is launched, operated and managed by AirtelTigo Ghana — under the mobile network company’s infrastructure to make payments, send and receive money across the nation. Thanks to the application of Fintech as AirtelTigo Money has become a mobile financial service that will help to facilitate a digital payment lifestyle for all subscribers on AirtelTigo Mobile network in Ghana.

How To Register For AirtelTigo Money In Ghana

AirtelTigo Ghana has made it simple for subscribers to register for AirtelTigo Money in Ghana — coming in two ways. These are; you can either register AirtelTigo Money yourself or go to the office for registration.

How To Register AirtelTigo Money Yourself

For the AirtelTigo Money self-registration process, you can register for this from the comfort of your room via your mobile phone by simply dialing the shortcode *510# and choose the option “8” to get started.

RecommendedHow To Register AirtelTigo Money Account Yourself

How to Register AirtelTigo Money at AirtelTigo Office

The AirtelTigo Money office registration requires that you visit any nearby AirtelTigo Ghana office or AirtelTigo Money authorized agent and provide the necessary details for the registration of your account.

How to Send money on AirtelTigo Money in Ghana

  • Dial *100#
  • From the AirtelTigo Menu, choose option 1, “Send Cash”
  • Enter the mobile number of the person to send money to
  • Enter the amount of Money (eg. 10 or 10.50)
  • Enter your AirtelTigo Money PIN code and send the money
  • Now, the money will be sent; the receiver will receive a notification to confirm the money.
  • If it happens to be that the person is not registered for AirtelTigo Money, then he or she probably has to show this message to any AirtelTigo agent or customer care to retrieve the money.

How to Withdraw Money On AirtelTigo Money in Ghana

To be able to withdraw money from your AirtelTigo Money account, you will first of all have to visit any AirtelTigo Money customer service centre or agent, to assist you withdraw your money via the below guides.

  • Dial *100# to access the AirtelTigo Money Menu
  • Select option 3, “Withdraw Cash”
  • Enter the “5 digits” agent code or mobile number of the agent.
  • Enter the amount of money you wish to withdraw in cedis.
  • Enter your secret PIN also known as PIN code to approve withdrawal transaction
  • You will now receive a notification — for confirmation of the withdrawal that comes with the agent’s location, date and time of the transaction, your new AirtelTigo Money account balance and the reference number as well.

Should the person withdrawing money is not registered on AirtelTigo Money, then he or she has to provide a valid National ID and the SMS received from AirtelTigo Money before getting his or her money.

Charges on AirtelTigo Money

Just like other Mobile Money services in Ghana like; MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone cash, Zeepay, charges are always incurred on the transactions you do everyday on your mobile phone. The AirtelTigo Money charges are;

  • Cashing out at an agent’s shop is 1% of amount being cashed out
  • Cashing out on your mobile phone is 0.5% of amount being cashed out
  • Sending to a non-mobile user is 1.5% of the amount being sent.

Frequently Asked Questions About AirtelTigo Money

AirtelTigo Shortcode
For any transaction you may want to perform from your AirtelTigo Money account, you can simply dial the AirtelTigo short code *100# via your mobile phone.

AirtelTigo Money Agent
Duly appointed service providers (also referred to as AirtelTigo Money Agents) will provide the following services below:

  • Register customers for the services.
  • Receive cash deposits from customers.
  • Allow cash withdrawals from customers.

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