How To Verify Your Ghana Card Details On Mobile Phone

The Ghana Card has become a new multi-purpose identity card that will establish the biometric identity of the bona fide holder for verification, and authentication of electronic and physical transactions, to be conducted in the public and private services space.

Though the mass registration exercise for the Ghana Card was expected to last for one year, the exercise was paused due to the outbreak of the global pandemic coronavirus.

Later, the exercise was resumed and the two-week registration then ended successfully.

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Though the information taken from you to register for the Ghana Card, has been checked carefully — but could come with an error. This error can cause an identity issue anytime you try to use the Ghana Card for verification purpose.

This calls for why you should carefully check your Ghana Card details to make sure everything is correct. This helps you to know if your Card has genuine details or not.

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In today’s article, I will like to take you through how to check and verify your Ghana Card details via your mobile phone.

How To Verify Your Ghana Card Details

This process requires that your phone has a feature called Near Field Communication (NFC) most smartphones have this feature except for a few of them so you should check if there’s an NFC feature on your smartphone.

Now, kindly follow the simple steps below to verify your Ghana card details.

  1. Go to App Store (for IOS) Apple phone owners. Or the Google Play Store for Android phone users.
  2. Download the ReadID NFC Application for Android or iOS
  3. Enable NFC function after you download
  4. Click on “Get Started”
  5. The next screen will ask “what kind of document do you want to use” here select ID CARD or PASSPORT
  6. Use your phone camera to read the Passport MRZ at the back of your card (its the characters at the bottom of the back of your card) and keep it in focus until it fills the window. It turns green when the Card Access Number (CAN) has been extracted.
  7. Place your Ghanacard on the NFC zone of your phone and move slowly till it starts to read.
  8. All the e-passport details on your Ghana Card will show on your phone.
  9. You have successfully verified the details of your Ghana Card
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This is how easier it is to verify your Ghana card details using your Mobile phone.

You can also learn how to verify your Voters ID via mobile phone.

There are several rules and regulations governing Ghana card and you can read them here: Registration Rules and Regulations Governing The Ghana Card

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