How To Register For The Ghana Card Online In 2020

By | January 30, 2020

How To Register For The Ghana Card Online In 2020.

The Ghana Card after sometime ago — giving the brief post about to interesting and average Ghanaians on how they can register for the Ghana Card online via How to register for Ghana Card online, shut down the website due to mass online registration generating too much traffic that is causing the server to slow down within some couple of days.

Recently, the National Identification Authority (NIA) launched the website where Ghanaians can register for their Ghana Card with the online Ghana card application process which takes less than 15 minutes to complete. This online portal for the Ghana Card registration is an easy-to-use and very responsive to make your fast track your Ghana card online registration process.

Requirements for the Ghana Card Online Registration:

These are some of the requirements to complete the Ghana Card online application process.

How To Register For The Ghana Card with the Online application process:

The Ghana Card Online application process as has been made so simple for Ghanaians by the National Identification Authority, you can just get connected to the internet and;

  • Visit the NIA Website: Just open and click on Create a New Application. After visiting this online portal for the Ghana Card registration, there will be a registration ID generated for you automatically that will be serving as your username anytime you want to login to the online portal to make changes regarding your Ghana Card registration. Type in your password and click on Start Application.
  • Fill the details with Applicant’s Name: Surname, Forename (First Name and Other Names). Just click on Save and Continue after entering your Application name including middle name added to your first names. Save the application and click on Yes to continue.
  • Fill the Status details: Your Gender, Marital Status, Height etc.
  • Physical Address: Fill in your physical address including your Ghana Digital Address including district and region for the Ghana Card.
  • Parents & Spouse details: Enter your parents details, where they come from, residential and living status and also your spouse’s details if only you selected married from the marital status option.
  • Next Of Kin: Full details of your Next of Kin — full name, address and others.
  • Document Verification: Now verify your documents by filling-in the details of the documents you selected to confirm your citizenship. It can be verification for the details of any document your selected such as; Birth Certificate, Voter’s ID, Driver’s License or Passport.
  • Your Contact Information: With this, your phone numbers, email address and any other. Provide any other additional documents.
  • Preview your application status: Now preview your application status for the details you have provided to the National Identification Authority (NIA) for the Ghana Card online registration.
  • Confirm the Declaration: After surfing through the application status, now take your time to read the declaration and sign the declaration to confirm the accuracy of your information provided for the Ghana Card.

I understand that if any information that I have provided for this application is false or incorrect, I will be liable to prosecution in accordance with Section 40 of the National Identity Register 2008 Act 750 as well as any other law or regulation which may be in force at the time.

I understand that all the information and documents that I have provided in respect of this application are handled and stored by the NIA and I have the right to have them updated should they change.

I declare that all the information contained in this application has been read, interpreted and explained to me in a language I understand and I perfectly understood and approved same before my hand was guided to make my mark.

  • Now Print Form: Now you can Print the application form by going to the Application History page to Download and Print the form.
  • Submit form for the Ghana Card: Now after you have printed your Ghana Card Application, kindly visit any centre of the National Identification Authority (NIA) including all the documents you selected during your registration process for the Ghana Card.

This is the process you should go through about registering your Ghana Card online.

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