How Ghana Has Advanced In The Level Of Technology To Fight Coronavirus

By | March 27, 2020

ICT Catalogue as a tech blog in Ghana takes the time to bring you How Ghana Has Advanced In The Level Of Technology To Fight Coronavirus So Far.

The vaccine for the pandemic coronavirus as not yet discovered, the assured way of preventing the spread of the virus is to avoid direct contact or handshake, stay at home and also leverage on the power of technology to avoid going-out for everyday tasks.

How Ghana Has Advanced In The Level Of Technology To Fight Coronavirus

In the difficult situation whereby the global pandemic coronavirus is so dangerous in such that, going out can get you infected, this has brought a lot of use in technological tools and gadgets in our society and Ghana as well as African country is not exceptional.

With this, the much interesting thing — is how the people of Ghana turn to and adopt to the use of technological tools, gadgets, devices, systems and methods.

Though MTN Ghana has increased the price of its TurboNet router as a result caused by the pandemic coronavirus — as a negative impact brought by the coronavirus, the remaining seem to be an advanced and rapid improvement so far by Ghana in technology to fight the coronavirus.

QR Code Payment System Launched

The vice president, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia unveiled the universal quick response code (QR Code) payment system.

The launch of this QR Code payment system is believed to be one of the innovation that will be changing the country — Ghana into a cashless community as part of plans made by the government.

The QR Code payment system was to be unveiled last year, December 2019, but delayed for a reason we don’t know so far but the recent outbreak of the coronavirus has made the launch of the QR Code payment system quickly. Read more: Ghana Unveils Universal QR Code And Proxy Payment System To Enhance Digital Payments

ECG Mobile App Launched

Though the Electricity Company of Ghana mobile app was launched before the outbreak of the coronavirus in Ghana, but we can’t tell if the government notice the disease could reach the country as it was spreading across other continents.

The Government of Ghana has launched a mobile application that is designed to make the buying of Electricity Company of Ghana’s credit and making payment for bills using our smartphones. More Here

This made the buying of pre-paid credit and paying for postpaid metres so simpler and easier for Ghanaians.

Free Distance Education Technology For Universities

Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh, the Minister of Education, has declared Government plans to acquire distance education technology and the technical ability and capacity for all Ghanaian universities for free.

Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh stated that, “That technology is available and ready to be deployed and it is one of the arsenals we have in our preparedness for the senior high school students, who are about to enter the university.”

The only challenge with distance learning education all over the world was quality and assurance. Read more updates on this from Mfidie – Tech in Ghana.

Ghana Resorts To Online Church Services

This happened after the announcement by the President of Ghana was made for Churches and organisations to seize all gatherings. Churches in Ghana then adapt to the use of the internet to live stream sermons, worship and Church activities via the internet. Read More hereCoronavirus: ICGC Resorts To Online Church service After Ban On Public Gatherings

Free Mobile Money Transactions in Ghana

MTN Ghana with their Mobile Money, became free as to enhance the use of mobile money services across the country to avoid the use of physical cash by handling it and handing it over to other person.

This could also boost the e-Payment system as to pay merchants from GHS 100 and above without any charges incurred on the Mobile Money. Mobile Money Transactions To Be Free In Ghana

GCB’s G-Money Mobile Wallet Launched

GCB’s G-Money Mobile Wallet: An efficient ‘financial assistant’ for MoMo transactions. The Ghana Commercial Bank also launched its Mobile Money platform for average Ghanaians saving with the bank — and can make use of the mobile App to make any transaction at anywhere in the country without the need to visit the bank.

As part of the bank’s digital transformation agenda, the G-Money is best for sending and receiving funds from any of the mobile money wallets or bank accounts by registered users. Read GCB G-Mobile on JB Klutse.

The Rate Of Online Applications Increased

From how to apply for DVLA online, apply for birth certificate online, how to apply for a Ghanaian Bio-metric passport online, these have increased so far as most people can’t visit the physical offices for the manual processes involved.

AI to Help Fight Coronavirus in Ghana

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Menzgold, Nana Appiah Mensah (NAM1) also urged the government of Ghana to deploy the power of Artificial Intelligence to combat the coronavirus disease as you can find more here: AI Could Help Fight Coronavirus.

For all suspected cases, call this number first: 0509497700

Health workers will redirect your call to any of the following units:

  • Surveillance
  • Case Management
  • Evacuation
  • Laboratory

In summary, this is How Ghana Has Advanced In The Level Of Technology To Fight Coronavirus and thanks for reading — as you share and follow us on social media.

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