MTN Short Codes For Free Calls In Ghana 2024

By | November 22, 2023

These are the latest MTN Short Codes For Free Call Packages In Ghana for all MTN subscribers across the nation.

The mtn secret code for free call helps you get to know how to make free calls on MTN without airtime in Ghana.

Recently, I made an article about the latest MTN short codes in Ghana — after friends were asking for the current MTN short codes in Ghana to enjoy best call offers and cheapest internet bundle offers as well.

With this, I then decided to give the information out to interesting MTN subscribers and ICT Catalogue followers to also know about these free MTN call packages that are available in Ghana today.

There’s nothing getting the chance to make free calls for the day and MTN Ghana has more offers — for us to enjoy.

If you are a phone call lover who can spend almost all of your time talking for the whole day, then knowing how to subscribe to any of MTN Ghana’s free call offers will help you save money and airtime.

In our today’s article guide, I would like to give you the list of MTN short code for free calls packages in Ghana 2023.

These are all the latest MTN short codes for free calls packages in Ghana — for you to subscribe and enjoy.

MTN Jara

How To Make Free Calls For 6 Months On MTN Ghana

The MTN Jara gives all the qualified customers the unbeatable package that allows calls and SMSs to all network in Ghana at low as 66 Pesewas daily. You only subscribe to the free call offer from MTN Jara in Ghana, and call all friends and loved ones conveniently.

The MTN Jara offer gives you specific allocation of minutes and SMS to call and send SMS to all networks.

After dialing the MTN Jara short code, you will be prompt a simple message like the below.

Welcome to MTN Jara offer. The free call offer that allows you to make free calls on MTN for the whole day with only GHC 0.54.

With at little as 54 pesewas, you can talk from morning till 11:59pm on MTN to MTN calls. The MTN Jara offer allows you to subscribe and enjoy free calls, SMS and 50MB daily.

MTN Jara Packages

  • GHC 0.54 — Talk & Text
  • GHC 1.09 — Talk, Text & Browse 50MB
  • GHC 2.17 — Talk, Text, Browse + additional offers

How To Subscribe To MTN Jara

  • Dial the code, *5055#
  • Select the package you prefer
  • Select the amount as well
  • Kindly confirm purchase of your offer for your number
  • Enter 1 to confirm.

After successful subscription, you will be told; “You’ve subscribed to Talk & Text for free till 11:59pm everyday for GHC xxx. Offer renews daily”.

Before you start to subscribe to MTN Jara as free call offer, kindly take note that the free call offer by MTN Ghana — does not work in all the regions. Some of these regions MTN Jara does not work are; Ashanti Region (Kumasi), Greater Accra Region (Accra) etc.

If you happen to be in a region that MTN Jara — free call offer does not work, then you will be prompted that; “Sorry, you are not qualified for this offer”.

MTN Magic Number

You can also activate the magic number , which allows to make free calls to one special number free for 6 months. The MTN magic number is a service launched by MTN Ghana that allows you to make free calls with one number for 6 good months. MTN Magic Number allows you register one MTN number as your Magic Number. You can then make FREE calls to your Magic Number all day, every day for 30 days. Your Magic Number can also make FREE calls to you all day, every day for 30 days.

The MTN Magic Number makes it easier for a new MTN mobile subscribers to be able to make free calls to their loved ones, for a period of six (6) months.

MTN Ghana is offering its new subscribers the opportunity to call one MTN number for a period of 6 months for free. This offer is only valid for new subscribers or subscribers who are less than 3 months old on the network.

If you are looking for MTN Short Codes For Free Call Packages In Ghana, then this is the time to consider the MTN Magic Number for free calls in Ghana for 6 months.

How To Subscribe MTN Magic Number

  • Get a new sim card
  • Register Your new Sim card. (How To Register Your MTN SIM Card Yourself In Ghana)
  • Dial *550# from your mobile phone and send.
  • Select option 7: Magic Number
  • Choose option 1: MTN Free Call offer
  • Enter 10 digits mobile number you want to call free for 6 months.
  • Enter a friend’s number to call for free for 6 months on MTN to activate this free call package.

Check out the comprehensive step by step guide you could follow and learn how to activate the MTN Magic number for free calls for 6 months in Ghana.

MTN Free After 1

The MTN Free After 1 service from MTN Ghana serves as one of ways you can follow to enjoy the MTN Short Codes For Free Calls In Ghana offer.

How To Activate MTN Free After 1 And Enjoy Free Browsing

The MTN Free After 1 offer gives you similar to the MTN Jara offer despite the free charge after 1 minute.

Only Pay for the 1st minute of each call to MTN or any other local network and enjoy the rest of that call for FREE.

With the MTN Free after 1 — free call package, you will have to activate and will be charged after 1 minute to talk for the remaining minutes for free. This free minutes can last for 59 minutes provided you are talking to MTN number.

How To Subscribe To MTN Free After 1

  • Dial *315#
  • Choose option 1: Activate
  • Enter 1 to Confirm purchase of Free After 1
  • You will now receive an alert that you have subscribed to the offer

Start making that calls to your special one for free. MTN Free after 1 offer helps you make that free MTN calls by paying less.

MTN Mashup (MTN Pulse)

MTN Short Codes For Free Call Packages In Ghana

Welcome to MTN Pulse free calls offer — that allows you to talk without worrying about airtime. You are given minutes to talk for free when subscribed for this free call package.

Despite the free calls offer, you also have the option to convert airtime to Data bundle and more.

You can also do mashup for others using MTN and check your balance — for the number of minutes remaining.

How To Subscribe To MTN Mashup Offer

  • Dial *567#
  • Choose option 1; Mashup for self
  • Choose from the prices based on the amount of airtime you have
  • Enter amount now and click Send to continue

Let us now take a look into other MTN Free calls packages.

MTN Sunday Special

MTN Short Codes For Free Call Packages In Ghana

MTN Sunday Special has become the best free call offer each and every Sunday across the nation Ghana.

Just like MTN Jara free call offer, the MTN Sunday Special also comes with interesting and same price to that of MTN Jara offer.

You pay for GHC 0.54p to enjoy free MTN calls & SMS till 5:59pm on Sunday, while GHC 1.09 FREE MTN Calls, SMS & 20MB lets you talk till 11:59pm on Sunday. GHC 2.17 also allows you to do free MTN calls, SMS & 50MB till 11:59pm on Sunday.

How To Subscribe To MTN Sunday Special

  • Dial the short code, *5050#
  • Select your preferred package’s price
  • Enter amount to confirm and press 1 to accept
  • Wait to receive confirmation message and start making that free calls on Sunday.

After successful registration, MTN will now send you message, “Congrats! You’ve subscribed to MTN Sunday Special. Enjoy FREE calls, SMS & 20 MB data on MTN. Till xx:xx pm on Sunday. Offer will be renewed next Sunday.”

The MTN Sunday Special is here to help you make that Free MTN calls to loved ones on your leisure hours.

MTN Just4U

MTN Short Codes For Mobile Subscribers

MTN Just4U is the offer you get anytime you do MTN credit or airtime top ups. MTN Ghana will give you free bonus as Just4U and can be used to make that calls for free.

The MTN Just4U offer is part of the MTN Short Codes For Free Call Packages In Ghana.

MTN Just4U offer packages

  • 500MB daily + 100MB Bonus @ GHC 3
  • 100MB Lifestyle Daily + 100MB Bonus @ GHC 1

How To Subscribe To MTN Just4U Offer

  • Dial *141#
  • Select your preferred package with amount
  • Choose option 1 to confirm

Now, you are good to start making the mtn free calls from the MTN Just4U offer in Ghana.

MTN Kokrokoo

The MTN Kokrokoo bundle comes with interesting prices and offer for average Ghanaian MTN subscribers.

For more guide on how to enjoy this offer, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to subscribe to the MTN Kokrokoo bundle offer in Ghana.

MTN Kokrokoo Bundle Price

The MTN Kokrokroo bundle price is GHC 1.08 for 400MB in Ghana. You subscribe at the price and enjoy free calls every morning from 5am to 8am.

How to Subscribe to MTN Kkrokoo

  • Dial the MTN Kokrokoo bundle short code, *138#
  • Choose the option 3, for MTN Kokrokoo
  • Enter your choice, 1 — to buy for Self or 2 — to buy for others
  • Choose package with price and confirm
  • Enjoy with the MTN Kokrokoo bundle for calls and browsing

Here is all you would need to know about the MTN Kokrokoo bundle offer. Subscribe to get 400MB MTN Kokrokoo bundles for just GHC 1. The offer is valid from 5am to 8am each day.

Anything you want to know about How to make free calls on MTN without airtime, here comes the step by step guide from ICT Catalogue.

I hope to bring you more updates about how to make calls for free in Ghana 2023 with the latest free calls short codes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About MTN Free Calls Offers in Ghana

How To Activate MTN Free Call In Ghana

You can either subscribe to MTN Magic number for free calls for 6 months in Ghana, or MTN Just4U offer, MTN Sunday Special, MTN Mashup, MTN Free After One Offer and MTN Jara promo.

MTN Code for free calls in Ghana

For those who wish to be part of MTN free calls services, the code for free calls is *550#.

MTN to MTN Free Calls in Ghana

Get a registered MTN sim card. Insert it in your phone and on the phone. · Dial *​315#, which is the activation code and send to activate the MTN Free After 1 offer for MTN to MTN free calls in Ghana.

how to hack MTN free call code in Ghana

For those who wish to be part of MTN free calls services, the MTN codes for free calls is *​550#

MTN Free calls for 7 days in Ghana

The only shortcode that allows you to do MTN free calls for 7 days in Ghana is the MTN Mashup code. Kindly subscribe to MTN Pulse with the Mashup code, *567# – Choose option 1 — Mashup for self and follow the steps.

Should this piece of information has been useful to you about MTN Short Codes For Free Calls In Ghana 2024, share your opinion about this using the comment box.

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