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How to Access Google Docs Trash

Google Docs and Google Drive have links that will take you to your deleted things. You have the option to either clear the folder or restore files from it when you’re inside. After 30 days, Google promptly deletes trashed documents. How To Access Google Docs Trash From A Computer Using the Google Docs Mobile App… Read More »

How to Add a Hyperlink in Google Doc

It’s no wonder that Google Docs has made it pretty easy to link to websites with only a few clicks as hyperlinks are a crucial component of practically to any document. Google Docs supports linking to internal papers as well as other websites. What exactly is a hyperlink? Users can open websites or other types of online information… Read More »

How To Edit Google Docs Offline

Our Google Docs app has been our go-to resource for everything from grocery lists to business paperwork to personal observations. You can utilize Google Docs’ helpful function to edit documents when you’re offline. This can be useful if you intend to use your laptop, tablet, or smartphone without connection to the Internet. Any modifications you… Read More »

How To Voice Type In Google Docs

There are times when you are very worn out, but you need to get work down on your google doc and you do not see the way forward. Google has thought about you and introduced a new feature to help you out when you are not in the mood to type or you are too… Read More »

How To Check Your Word Count In Google Docs

Learning how to check your Word Count In Google Docs helps you know the total number of words you have written so far, during your essay writing or article writing. Envision working on a project in Google Docs with at school or at  the workplace. Your document must be at least 600 words long. How… Read More »

How To Create Custom Text Substitution In Google Docs

Do you frequently enter a term or sentence that is either lengthy and laborious to type or that you frequently spell incorrectly? It can be unpleasant to have to correct the same spelling error again and over, and it can seriously reduce output. Utilizing the substitute feature of Google Docs is one approach to bypass… Read More »

How to Show Vertical Ruler in Google Docs

In Google Docs, the vertical rulers is really useful for altering the indent on a particular line and customizing the page margin. These great features would not be possible without the presence of the vertical and horizontal rulers. Whenever you are utilizing a table, the vertical ruler on the left side of the screen will show your… Read More »

How To Use And Edit Google Docs Without Gmail Account

It is technically infeasible to use Google Docs without a Google Account. Only if an individual has changed the editing access to public will give you permission to modify the Google document covertly. However, there is a little workaround you may apply if you want to access Google Docs without a Gmail account. To be definite,… Read More »

How to Make And Print Labels in Google Docs

Labels are the characteristics that uses a specific name to identify a document. It is mostly used to manage numerous papers. Additionally, users can design unique labels by defining the colors, font sizes, and styles. This article shows how to print labels in Google Docs using two different techniques. How To Make Labels Here is… Read More »