How to Show Vertical Ruler in Google Docs

In Google Docs, the vertical rulers is really useful for altering the indent on a particular line and customizing the page margin. These great features would not be possible without the presence of the vertical and horizontal rulers.

Whenever you are utilizing a table, the vertical ruler on the left side of the screen will show your table structure. The horizontal ruler, an existing tool for adjusting cell width and margins, is matched by the vertical ruler. The table’s rows’ heights can be adjusted using the ruler. In case you need your rows height to be changed,  a guide displaying the row’s precise height will appear, allowing you to rapidly format it to the desired size. Additionally, you can utilize it to manage the headers’ and footers’ vertical margins.


When a document is launched in Google Docs, both rulers are displayed by default. However, some unintended modifications may cause them to become concealed and this post presents you how you can make the vertical ruler to show if it is not appearing in your Google doc.

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How to Show Vertical Ruler in Google Docs

Folllow the steps below to have your vertical ruler displayed in your google document for you.

  • Launch any Google Docs document.
  • Go to View and choose Show ruler from the drop-down menu to reveal or hide the document’s vertical and horizontal rulers,  If  a check mark appears to the left of the menu choice, the rulers will be shown.
  • Right away, vertical rulers should emerge.

You can switch this setting on and off each time  you wish to show or hide the ruler when using Google Docs to write or edit a document. 

Can The Vertical Ruler Be Shown On Mobile Devices in Google Docs?

Kindly note that the ruler cannot be hidden or shown in the Google Docs application for mobile devices. The ruler cannot be added to the UI in its mobile application.

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Is It Possible To Change the Header and Footer Layout Using the Vertical Ruler?

While you hover over one of the margins, the new vertical ruler feature in Google Docs’ left margin can change to a double arrow. The page margins can be made larger or smaller by dragging this margin up or down once the cursor assumes this new shape of a double arrow. You can adjust the size of your document’s header and footer with this as well.

Although it can be a little challenging if you need a precise measurement for one of those document locations, this can be a quicker approach to change the page margins of a Google Doc. If that’s so, setting the margins there may be a little simpler by heading to File > Page configuration.

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