How to Add a Hyperlink in Google Doc

By | December 31, 2022

It’s no wonder that Google Docs has made it pretty easy to link to websites with only a few clicks as hyperlinks are a crucial component of practically to any document. Google Docs supports linking to internal papers as well as other websites.

What exactly is a hyperlink?

Users can open websites or other types of online information by clicking on hyperlinks, which can be words, phrases, icons, or images. They can do this in the same browser window or a new one. These links connect many digital resources without requiring visitors to know the unique URLs of each web page. Based on the nature of content, each hyperlink might give the user access to further information. For instance, a website blog that publishes articles on technology may contain links to the websites of the technologies they are writing about or to publicly available tech information.

Hyperlinks in Google Docs frequently make it simpler to connect to other files or websites without making users to copy and paste a lengthy URL into the text.

How to hyperlink in Google Docs using a computer

  • Launch a web browser and open a Google Docs document.
  • Choose the text you wish to link out of.
  • Select the toolbar’s Insert link button (which resembles a chain).
  • Enter or paste the URL you want to link to in the pop-up Link dialog box. The URL must be a legitimate website address; you need not include the “http://” part.
  • To complete, tap Apply.

By selecting text and hitting Command + K on a Mac or Control + K on a PC, you may also open the text-to-link window . You can proceed to insert your link in a similar manner.

You can click the link and select a choice from the pop-up menu if you wish to modify the URL later. The URL can be copied, modified, or removed wholly.

How to use the mobile app to hyperlink in Google Docs

  • On your iPhone or Android phone, launch a document in the Google Docs app.
  • Choose the text you wish to make a link out of. The chosen text will subsequently be accompanied by a toolbar.
  • Click Insert Link.
  • Enter or paste the URL you want to link to on the Insert Link window.
  • To finish, click the checkmark in the top right corner of the screen.

How To Customize your links’ color and appearance.

If you want to draw attention to your links in your document, changing their physical attributes can be helpful. You can somewhat alter the appearance of your links by making them bold or italic. By choosing the underlined “A” in the toolbar at the top of the page, you may easily alter the color of your links. Select a color from the list supplied or come up with a custom hue on your own. The highlighter function on the toolbar next to the color tool can also be used to highlight links.

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