How To Check Your Word Count In Google Docs

Learning how to check your Word Count In Google Docs helps you know the total number of words you have written so far, during your essay writing or article writing.

Envision working on a project in Google Docs with at school or at  the workplace. Your document must be at least 600 words long. How can you tell when you’ve succeeded? Do you begin by counting every word individually?   It would take too much effort. Google Docs can instead display the number of words you entered to make it easier for you.


You will need to learn how to check your word count in Google Docs to help you out in your day to day activities on Google docs.

How to check the word count on Google Docs on desktop

Follow the steps outlined below in order to check your word count on google doc.

  • Make sure you are signed in before visiting
  • Either create a new document or open the one you wish to edit.
  • Select Tools from the drop-down menu that shows up , and then select Word count.
  • Select OK or Cancel to close the Word count pop-up window.
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How to use a mobile device to view the word count in Google Docs

  • Click on the Google Docs app icon on the home screen of your phone to launch it.
  • Select the document you want to edit, or click the Plus button in the bottom right corner of the screen to start a new one.
  • Click the three horizontal dots in the top-right corner of your screen while the document is displayed.
  • Select “Word count.”
  • To leave, click or click on the caret to the left of “Word count.”

How to check your word count while you type in Google Docs

As you type, Google Docs by default hides your word count. You have the choice to bring it up and view your word count while you type. 

To access the word count screen, complete all of the aforementioned procedures. Then, click OK after checking the box next to Show word count as you type on the word count screen.

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The word count will now be visible in Google Docs’ lower left corner. As you add or remove words from your manuscript, it will keep updating.

How to get the word count for selected text in a Google Doc

For a section of your work, you can also inspect the word count. The preceding procedures can be used to retrieve the word count after selecting some text in your Google Doc. Along with the total word count for the Google Doc, the system will also display the word count for your choice.

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