How To Voice Type In Google Docs

By | December 30, 2022

There are times when you are very worn out, but you need to get work down on your google doc and you do not see the way forward. Google has thought about you and introduced a new feature to help you out when you are not in the mood to type or you are too tired to type.

On Google Docs, voice typing is a useful accessibility feature that is exclusive to Chrome browsers. In this article, we are taking a look at how to voice type in google docs.

How to use voice typing in Google Docs

You can voice type into any field on your smartphone using the Google keyboard whereas it’s just a natural capability of your phone’s keyboard.. But only the desktop version of the platform supports Google Docs’ built-in voice typing feature. Before we begin, we need to be aware of some of the necessary things.

A functional microphone that is connected to your computer is required. If you use a camera, it might come equipped with a microphone. Google Docs might need your permission to utilize your microphone.

  • Launch Google Chrome and open a Google Doc.
  • Select Voice typing under Tools on the toolbar. The microphone symbol is located in the left margin. Hit it when you want to begin voice typing.
  • Clear your throat and speak at a normal voice and tempo 
  • Press the microphone button once more once you are done.

How To Utilize Voice Instructions

While voice typing, you are at the liberty of employing a number of voice commands to format and edit your content. Here are some of the fundamental ones.

To choose text: Use the verbs “select,” “all,” or “line” to choose a word or phrase.

Text formatting: The words “bold,” “italicize,” or “underline” should be used. There are other instructions for alignment (such as “align center,” “align justified,” “align left,” “align right,” and more), font size (such as “reduce font size,” “increase font size,” and more).

To Edit your document: The verbs “copy,” “cut,” “paste,” “insert header,” and “insert page break” are examples.

How to edit voice typing in Google Docs

If you make an error while voice typing, simply place your cursor over it and add any text you might have missed while talking. Any errors can also be highlighted and spoken over while typing.

Right-click any words or phrases that are underlined in gray and are not accurate to see a list of corrections from Google Docs.

Say “delete” to remove the word that is now in front of the cursor.

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