How To Create Custom Text Substitution In Google Docs

By | December 30, 2022

Do you frequently enter a term or sentence that is either lengthy and laborious to type or that you frequently spell incorrectly? It can be unpleasant to have to correct the same spelling error again and over, and it can seriously reduce output.

Utilizing the substitute feature of Google Docs is one approach to bypass this hectic stress. This enables you to input a specific string of text and have it instantaneously replaced with another string of text. You can utilize Google Docs to simplify the process of creating documents by using a few symbols and fractions that it already supports.

Custom substitutes need some initial setup, but they can ultimately save you a ton of time and trouble so this article shows you how to save time with typing same words over and over again.

How to Add a Substitution in Google Docs

You can utilise text or any Unicode-based symbol, such as a square root sign or a cowboy emoji, to create custom substitutes. By checking the box next to a substitute, you can disable it.

Follow the steps below to add your substitution in Google docs.

  • Launch a Google Docs document.
  • At the window’s top, select the Tools tab.
  • From the menu’s down, choose Preferences.
  • Enter the text phrase you want to substitute into the empty field under Replace, then enter the text string you want that substitution to produce into the empty field under

Google Docs will instantly substitute the text string you put under With when you type the text string provided under Replace and then press the spacebar.

Substitutions on Mobile Devices

You are to note that Custom substitutes cannot be created or edited via the Google Docs mobile app, but they can be used if they were previously generated on a computer.

On a mobile device, the substitute process is the same. press the spacebar to make the substitution.

All you need to do is Press the spacebar to make the substitution.

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