Record WhatsApp Calls On iOS

How To Record WhatsApp Calls On Your Android Phone

WhatsApp has become the most popular used instant messaging application today, that has taken over all other instant messaging apps.

Recording feature is not available in WhatsApp yet, and nobody knows when Mark Zuckerberg will enable this feature for recording WhatsApp calls on our smartphones.

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Despite the fact that Mark Zuckerberg has not enable recording feature in WhatsApp, does not mean we can not use the instant messaging application to record calls.

In today’s article, I will like to show you how to record WhatsApp calls on your Android phone.

  • Download Cube ACR Call Recorder app from Google Playstore
  • Install this mobile application and grant it permissions on your android phone to access your contacts, record your calls and other features.
  • Start making that WhatsApp call, and you will see the Cube Recorder widget on your screen, recording anything regarding calls.
  • There might be instances you will get an error message on your screen if Cube Recorder app isn’t well setup.
  • Open the Cube Recorder app and go to recording settings >> Under ‘VOIP’ recording setting >> turn on ‘Ignore VOIP-Support check’.
  • Select the ‘Voice Call’ option in the VOIP recording source settings.

This is how simple it is on how to record WhatsApp calls on your Android phone.

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