Top 8 Android 11 Features You Need To Look Out For Today

By | September 14, 2020

Top 8 Android 11 Features You Need To Look Out For Today.

Not long ago, Google rolled out the latest mobile operating system version – Android 11, coming with amazing features that enhances the performance of our smartphones.

If you are a fan of Google Pixel phones, then probably you can see that the Android 11 is available on your Pixel phone. Be it Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, Android 11 is available for you to upgrade to.

Not only are smartphones like Samsung mobile phones, Tecno phones, Infinix phones going to enjoy the Android 11 version. But other mobile phones such as Xiaomi Redmi, Oppo, OnePlus all will get the new Android update from Google.

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In this article, I will share with you some of the awesome Android 11 features you need to look out for. These are the new features that will make the new Android 11 very fun and interesting to its users. It’s time to upgrade to the latest Android 11 to access better and quality features in Android.

Bubbles Feature

There’s nothing you can enjoy much in old android versions like the bubbles feature in Android 11 – making it easier for you to reply messages from apps such as Facebook messenger, telegram and Google messages by displaying a floating circle or bubble of the app on your screen.

Screen Recorder Feature

A lot of android users do install screen recorder before making screen recording on their android phone. Google has abolished such an old-fashioned method and brought built-in screen recorder for all Android 11 OS users – to be able to choose which audio to record from microphone or your phone.

Dark Theme

More apps now support dark theme mode on their interface but lacking more customization, and that’s one of the features rolled out in Android 11. You can customize dark theme on Android 11, with turn off and on automatically feature with specified time.

Custom Font Style, Icons shapes and Colour

There’s an option for you to create your own custom style font, icons colour and shapes – based on your screen size.

Improvements in Security by Google

Previously, Google allows you to give permission to apps when the app is in use or requesting for permission anytime. But now, you have the option to remove this permission from any app you have not used for some months.

Keep Track of All Your Notifications

With the latest Android version, Google allows you keep track of all your histories for the past 24 hours. And with default, Google has set this feature off, and you have to turn it on by visiting apps and notifications, tap on notifications and select notification history and turn it on.

Advanced Volume Control Menu

When you tap on any of your volume control button, there is a sound menu which pops up. Best to customize volume for calls, media, alarms and ring tones.

In a video made by a geek tech and smartphone reviewer, you can watch to enjoy the graphical outlook of the Android 11 with displays on YouTube below.

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