How To Backup Your Text Messages From Android To Gmail Account

Text Messages are one of the vital reasons why we use our mobile phones — as text messages are the next medium of sending and receiving information via your mobile phone.

From SMS and MMS, both are very important — in sending and receiving messages from and on our mobile phones. But imagine in the situation whereby we loose our mobile phone or reset our mobile phone by clearing all data on it, how do you get your messages back?


This alone prompted me to find out how I can backup my text messages from my android phone to Gmail account and thanks to the internet for finding the useful information I am here to share with anyone.

With this procedure, you be needing an android app called SMS backup+ to help you make the connection between your SMS and your Google account. Not only can one backup his or her text messages to Gmail — but there’s an option you can use the SMS backup+ to restore accidentally deleted text messages from your android smartphone.

How to backup your text messages From Android to Gmail

  • Login to your Gmail account which is connected to your android device from a Computer.
  • After logged in, now open “Settings”
  • Enable IMAP service in your Google account.
  • Download and install the SMS backup+ app from Google Play Store on your android phone.
  • Launch the app and you will see the screen like below. Click on Connect option there and you will see your account, just tap on it.
  • Now, grant the permission to the app to access your Google account details.
  • Click on backup. The popup should appear to start the backup process.

Now, open your Gmail account, you can see new Label “SMS” being added on the Gmail menu. Check to see all your SMS there.

There’s nothing like getting all your important information backed-up onto the cloud to access anytime, anywhere as far as there’s an internet connection and this post is all about How to backup your text messages From Android to Gmail.

There’s an option to also restore your accidentally deleted messages from the app, SMS backup+.

In summary, this is all that you should know about How To Backup Your Text Messages From Android To Gmail Account today.

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