How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages On Android Mobile Phone

By | October 11, 2022

WhatsApp as instant messaging application has advanced over years now, having interesting features that android users love. Though there are other interesting features too for iOS users to enjoy from the application — WhatsApp.

Aside Facebook as popular social media platform over the internet, WhatsApp application is another commonly used application for getting in touch with friends and loved ones.

I have published several articles on some of the interesting features of WhatsApp you can enjoy on your android phone, iOS and more.

Dark mode for Android and iOS smartphones are one of the great features from WhatsApp that users cannot get rid of.

Despite how to enable dark mode on WhatsApp, other interesting feature I can say or mention is how to set up fingerprint on WhatsApp with your smartphone.

In today’s post, I want to walk you through how you can schedule WhatsApp messages on your Android mobile phone with steps listed below.

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages On Android Mobile Phone

A friend will feel very disappointed in you for not wishing him or her during birthday, just because you forgot to do — since you were busy at work or school. That’s why this post has the much information you need to learn how to schedule WhatsApp messages on your Android mobile phone.

Follow the steps below to schedule WhatsApp messages on your Android phone:

  • Download SKEDit from Play Store, install and launch the application
  • After launching the SKEDit mobile app, register the mobile application.
  • After signing in to the app, just click on WhatsApp on the main menu.
  • On the next screen, permission must be granted. Click Enable Accessibility > SKEDit > toggle on Use service > Allow. Now open the app again
  • Provide your details, add the recipient and type in your message. Now, set the schedule date and time.
  • After setting the schedule time and date, under the “Ask me before sending” toggle, click Toggle it on by ticking the icon, and you will see that your message has been scheduled. You will then be notified when the due time reaches to complete the action, you just have to click “Send” and that WhatsApp message will be sent to the recipient straight away.

This is all it takes to schedule message on WhatsApp on your Android phone today.

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