Best 5 Call Recorder Apps For Android In 2020

By | August 24, 2020

These are some of the top 5 call recorder mobile applications we can recommend for your android mobile phone in 2020 — for effective call recordings.

Though some android phones come with in-built call recorder functionality, some too do not come with this feature in them and this alone will cause you to use a third-party app to do that.

In this article, I will walk you through the best 5 Android call recorder apps you can use in 2020 without the need to worry about how to record a conversation of a friend on a phone call.

All Call Recorder Lite 2020

There is nothing like excluding phone numbers you do not wish to record calls from, and All call recorder lite 2020 gives you this option to do that at ease.

With easy to navigate interface, the all call recorder lite 2020 app comes with a four (4) segmentation; all calls, outgoing calls, incoming calls and urgent calls having the ability to unlock the app using a PIN.

Call Recorder Cube ACR

The Call Recorder Cuber ACR gives you more than a call recorder app. This app automatically records all your regular incoming and outgoing calls, WhatsApp calls in addition to your Skype and Viber calls. There’s nothing like getting an auto-record feature that records all your calls automatically.

The Call Recorder Cube ACR educates you about how to use it and how it works.

Automatic Call Recorder

Just like All Call Recorder Lite 2020, the automatic call recorder app also categorises your calls into sections such as incoming calls, outgoing calls, all calls and important calls.

BlackBox Call Recorder

BlackBox Call Recorder gives you the chance to search for specific call recordings quickly on your mobile phone. Recordings can be sorted as per duration, date, name, and many other options that make the app very easy to use. The app has a power-saving mode as well.

Call Recorder ACR

Call Recorder ACR app allows you to listen and edit your recorded calls, transcribe the calls, add notes or back up the recordings on the supported Cloud storage services – an added advantage that most of the call recorders apps do not offer.

Wrapping Up!

Though there are many call recording android apps out there on Google Play Store, but these are the top 5 call recording apps we can recommend for you today.

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