10 Best Educational Apps To Install On Your Android Phone

By | August 19, 2020

These are the 10 Best Educational Apps To Install On Your Android Phone today.

Education, as is always said, is the key to success. Wherever you are and whatever you do in life, there’s always an element of education guiding your actions and your beliefs.

From the first step you take as a baby to the last breath you take in your old age, there is education in-between.

Education has over the years been transformed from one way to the other and the computer age has brought a new twist to education as well.

Today, there’s E-learning, where individuals can learn various subjects, topics of interests and skills from the comfort of their homes, via their smartphones or their computers.

Though the computer age provides this opportunity for users and learners, it is important that as a learner, you know the right educational applications to install on your devices for efficient learning and accurate information.

This article focuses on 10 of the Best Educational apps to be installed on your android phone.


Udacity is one of the world’s leading E-learning or digital learning and education platforms available on the internet today. The platform has a host of programs and courses ranging from product management, communications, programming, web development to data science, robotics and marketing as well as artificial intelligence. Udacity has been in existence for over a decade and remains one of the best online learning platforms. If you are seeking a list of educational applications to download on your android phone for learning, you should consider Udacity as part of your top 5. Some of the lessons available on Udacity are free of charge while others are paid courses.


Coursera is practically the best place to acquire the best skills training available on the internet today. No matter what the skills you wish to acquire are, Coursera has just about the right course to help you learn and acquire those skills without so much hustle. Coursera has courses in photography, communication, business, marketing, programming and many other fields. Coursera courses are also available both for free and at various fees.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is also a free learning platform available for free download on Android phones from the Google Playstore. Khan Academy has thousands of videos which enable users to learn anything of their choice from Maths, Science, history, to technology, economics and many other areas.


Just as the name goes, this application is likened to the mental prowess of the great Greek philosopher, Socrates. As such, this app is not just an educational app, it is a mathematical calculator par excellence. With the Socratic app, you can take a photo of any mathematical question and get it solved for you in a few seconds. It works like magic. So yes, if you are fond of facing problems with Mathematical equations and other questions, you have an app to solve your problems. Just download the Socratic app and thank me later.


In today’s Global village, people must speak and understand at least two or more international languages to enable them to communicate with people from all walks of life. To learn such languages may not come easy for you, mostly due to time factor. However, with the Duolingo application, you can learn and speak every language fluently within a few weeks of continuously studying. Duolingo is one of the best language teaching applications available on the internet today. So this should make it to the list of applications you want to install on your android phone.


EdX is undoubtedly one of the best educational applications available on the Android platform today. Edx comes with a whole lot of courses and programs for students from all walks of lives who want to study new courses at different levels of complexity at absolutely no extra cost to them. Edx provides students with courses from over 70 top-tier universities including Havard, Oxford and many others as well as other NGOs interested in education. If you are looking to champion your communications skills, develop your computer engineering or master your Mathematics skills or any other skills, you should download Edx on your phone.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is by far one of the best e-book readers anyone could use today. The kindle app provides readers with a wide range of books and tools for easy reading and referencing. The flagship Amazon book reading app is one of the best educational applications you can install on your android device. You can buy books from the Kindle store or download free copies of your favourite books into your Kindle app and read for free.


This is an already popular name in the ‘talks and speeches’ industry. TED talks are not only available on YouTube or TED’s official website. With the new TED android app, you can stream and listen to your favourite politicians, business gurus, technology entrepreneurs, motivational speakers and change-makers right on your smartphone. It is very simple and convenient as well.


Second, to last on this list of ten educational applications to be installed on your android phone is Cursa. Cursa is also a free e-learning platform just like Coursera and the rest. This app provides learners with courses in various areas of studies including Computing, Design, Mathematics, Languages, Instruments and vocals as well as management and business. All these courses are available free of charge on the Cursa platform.


Do you think of your final point on a list as the least of all? Well, we like to think of it as the icing on the cake. Surely, Simplilearn is the icing on this cake we’ve been baking here in this article. This application comes with thousands of courses, pre-recorded videos and audios as well as free ebooks and resources geared towards the acquisition of skills and career advancement. If you want to learn more to advance your skills in your chosen field, then Simplilearn is one of the applications you should download and install on your Android phone.

Wrapping Up!

Learning online is not only convenient because you can do so from the comfort of your home. It also allows you to learn at your own pace and get a broader understanding of things than you would in a traditional classroom setting.

Despite this, you need to be able to select the right tools and applications to achieve ultimate success in your online learning endeavours. In this article, we spoke about 10 of the best educational applications you can install on your android phone. I hope this article helps you find the best resources for your online education.

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