Introduction To MTN Mobile Money

By | February 10, 2020

Introduction To MTN Mobile Money.

Just imagine at a point in time, you wanted to send money to a friend or relative but finding it difficult if the person does not bank account or there isn’t any alternative payment way the person can receive the money. You can also read more about the The Revolution Of Mobile Money In Africa.

How do you feel at this point in time?

That’s how the MTN Mobile Money comes in — as the possible way to send and receive money within some minutes as at the time the sender may send the money. MTN Mobile Money after its existence from 2009 has helped in making the sending or receiving of money via our mobile phone the comfortable way. With this, thanks to the Mobile networks as we can now do away with sending money to the lorry stations for the bus driver to deliver your money to your relative.

About MTN Mobile Money
MTN Ghana launched the MTN Mobile Money service in Ghana on July 2009 and gotten over 20,000 customers and also 1,200 Mobile Money Authorized Merchants in Ghana.

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MTN Mobile Money after the launch in 2009, has known to be the fastest, simple, convenient, secure and affordable way of transferring money, receiving money, making payments and doing other transactions using a mobile phone. As this service is offered by MTN, the mobile telecommunication is in partnership with over 10 partner banks to operate on this financial service fully.


The MTN Mobile Money from time to time, has taken over as one of the commonly used Mobile Money platforms across Ghana.

2017: In 2017, MTN Ghana had over 6.2 Million active users on its Mobile Money service platform.

2018: MTN Ghana as at 2018 was reported to be having over 11.6 Million active subscribers using the MTN Mobile Money service as a platform for making their financial transactions.

MTN Ghana revenue rose all of a sudden as a result driven by the MTN Mobile Money service based on how a lot of Ghanaians react to the use of Mobile Money.

Where can customers register for MTN Mobile Money?

They can go to any MTN service centres or any branch of the 10 bank partners with MTN Ghana, and some other selected registration points (which are Mobile Money Authorized Merchants that have the facilities to register customers in real time).

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In summary, MTN Ghana has been known to be the dominant player with over 90% of mobile money transactions in Ghana — having good number of merchants as agents and active subscribers.

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