Mobile Money And How It Has Helped People Of Ghana

By | January 3, 2020

Mobile Money And How It Has Helped People Of Ghana.

Before, to send money to family and friends, one has to go to the bus station or the Post office and send that money and for that matter, it can take some days before the recipient is going to receive the money successfully.

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You can imagine the stress and time it may take to reach far places since it might not be only you sending money to a loved one. With this, I may say sending money to home used to mean handing it over to a bus driver or a post master.

Mobile Money And How It Has Helped People Of Ghana

But now, sending money to a family or a friend has become so easy in such that, you can input the amount you want to transfer and the person should get it within some seconds and thanks to the digital age and rapid advancement of technology today.

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The advancement in technology just brought about the Mobile Money system that lets you send money from your phone to anyone you know having their phone number within some seconds and you focus on other things.
With you no need to carry cash along to the bus station or post office, you can decide to do this transaction straight from your phone.

With evolution of mobile money, it is:

  • Safer
  • Faster
  • Easier
  • Reliable

Though you joining the queue to deposit, send or receive money but your transaction is done fast as it might reach your turn. Though this deals with monetary issue, but it does not require a bank account to do transactions such as deposit, send or receive money at Mobile Money vendor.

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Unlike Banks that has branches at particular places assigned, Mobile money has agents everywhere in such that a community can contain numerous Mobile Money agents you can send, deposit or withdraw money from.

With the role of Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Visa Cards, Master cards, Mobile Money has become the secondary method for making payments to bills, shop and does varieties of transaction.

Mobile Money Services In Ghana

There might be a lot of Mobile Money services in Ghana as far as we have so many mobile networks in Ghana but the ones I know and can talk about are those I am about to list below.

  • MTN Mobile Money
  • AirtelTigo Cash
  • Vodafone Cash

Just imagine at a point in time, you send someone to buy you the latest gadget in town and such person got short of money and he or she call you and all of a sudden you are able to send money to his or her mobile money account and to receive it within 1 minute. How interesting that can be.

This alone should tell you how Mobile Money has helped Ghanaians as well as Africans at large.

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