MTN Mobile Money Short Codes In Ghana

By | May 7, 2022

Mobile Money has dominated over the FinTech industry of Ghana by making it so easier for Ghanaians to be able to send and receive money via mobile phones. Particularly, there are a lot of Mobile Money services in Ghana — for almost all the mobile networks in Ghana.

Mobile Money Services in Ghana

There are many mobile telecommunication companies in Ghana though, but there are only few mobile money services operating in Ghana. These mobile money services in Ghana are; MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash, and AirtelTigo Cash.

Today’s article will be about the short codes for MTN Mobile Money and their uses in general in Ghana 2024.

MTN Mobile Money has won the heart of many Ghanaians with the interesting money services offered by MTN Ghana. From how to borrow money from MTN Mobile Money — Qwik Loan, Xpress Loan, MTN Ahomka Loan, how to buy electricity prepaid credit using MTN Mobile money, how to pay for mobile apps on Google Play Store using MTN Mobile Money and a lot.

Now, let us take a look at some of the MTN mobile money short codes in Ghana.

MTN Mobile Money Short Codes In Ghana

These MTN Mobile Money Short Codes are; MTN Mobile Money short code used generally, the MTN Merchant short code for MTN MoMo agents, MTN Mobile Money ATM Token code and many more.

Follow to know more about these MTN Mobile money short codes in Ghana for more services and their uses.

MTN Mobile Money Code

The general MTN Mobile Money short code is *170#

This MTN Mobile money short code is the general USSD short code for all MTN subscribers. This code allows you to Transfer Money, MoMoPay & Pay Bill, Send Airtime & Bundles, Allow Cash Out, access Financial Services, get access to your MTN Mobile Money wallet with ‘My Wallet’.

Check out our article on full guide to MTN Mobile Money here.

MTN Mobile Money Merchant Code

The MTN Mobile Money Merchant Code is *171#

Just like the *170# for MTN subscribers with MTN Mobile Money, the *171# is the USSD short code purposely for MTN Mobile Money Merchants in Ghana. If you are not MTN Mobile Money merchant, you are not allowed to access this code. If you dial this code, MTN will respond with the notification “You are not allowed to access this code, please dial *170# to access your MoMo menu.

MTN Mobile Money ATM Token Code

The MTN Mobile Money ATM Token Short code is *511#

This is the short code to help you withdraw money from your Mobile Money account via ATM.

These services available when you dial this code are; Generate Token, Retrieve Active Tokens, Reverse Token and also Check Token Status.

To generate mobile money ATM token. Read the post on how to generate MTN Mobile Money token and withdraw money from ATM.

Locate mobile money merchants

The MTN Mobile Money short code to locate merchants is *172#

This is the short code used to locate mobile money merchants that are nearby you.

For Requesting A Merchant SIM Card

The MTN Mobile Money short code for requesting a merchant SIM Card is *5051#.

This is the short code for MTN MoMo Business Account Registration. The short code is used to Register and Check Registration Status. Just dial *5051#

AYO Recharge with care insurance code

The MTN Mobile Money Ayo Recharge with care insurance short code is *296#.

This is MTN aYo Recharge with care service. You get covered when you buy MTN airtime using aYo.

aYo provides you with a fast, convenient and easy to use insurance right on your cell phone. You enjoy hospital and life insurance cover through airtime deduction (Recharge with Care) or when you send MoMo to your family or loved ones (Send with Care).

Simply dial *296# to access MTN aYo packages to; Sign up, Agent Assisted Sign Up, What is Recharge with Care, and also Claim from aYo recharge with care.

Frequently Asked Questions About MTN Mobile Money in Ghana

What is MTN Ghana Customer Care number?

You can call the Customer Call Centre on the number 100(Toll Free) or visit the nearest MTN Ghana Service Centre.

MTN Mobile Money Contact Details

For any help or assistance, you can pick up your mobile phone and call MTN mobile money customer care on 024 4300000 or 100.

MTN Mobile Money Official Website

For any information or more details about MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) in Ghana, then you are good to check the official website for MTN mobile money here —


In summary, these are the MTN Mobile Money Short Codes In Ghana — available for all MTN Mobile Money subscribers.

This article has been one of the best guide on how to register MTN MoMo in the use of short code in Ghana for 2024.

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