How To Check Your MTN Ghana SIM Registration Status

How To Check Your MTN Ghana SIM Registration Status

How To Check Your MTN Ghana SIM Registration Status.

A lot of people have been complaining at most times that, they don’t know their SIM registration status, the identity behind their SIM registration, the name and identity card bearing their SIM card registration — which is a worst case sometimes.

Most at times, the consequences you can face is that moment when you have all your contacts backed-up with MTN Phone Backup and it happened to be that — you’ve lost your SIM card in a particular moment.

Huh? Is that how you will shout or make a noise?

Just imagine the point in time of which mobile phones have become our banks with the help of Mobile Money and you deposited all your money on your MTN Mobile Money account — only to travel or go to the market and lose your phone including your SIM card.

That’s the point you will then realize the importance of knowing your SIM registration status — as you need to know this earlier and solve any information entered incorrectly during the registration of your SIM.

Do you know the status of your SIM card registration?

Just pretend as if you don’t know — as to be sure of the relevant information about your SIM card registration.

How To Check Your MTN Ghana SIM Registration Status.

In this post, I will like to walk you through how to check your MTN Ghana SIM registration status on your mobile phone. These are the steps below for you.

  • Just Pick up your Mobile Phone
  • Dial *400# to verify the authenticity of your SIM.
  • Wait for some minutes for the prompt message to appear.
  • You should have a message indicating your SIM registration status.

Name: ICT Catalogue (Your Full name)

If incorrect, visit any MTN branch with a valid national ID or email a copy of ID to [email protected]

With this, you can contact MTN Ghana on WhatsApp and e-mail if you wish to update your SIM card credentials.

For any help, support or willing to change any status on your SIM registration, don’t hesitate to reach the number below for more information.

Whatsapp number: 0555300000.
E-mail address: [email protected]

This article has been prepared for you to check the status of your SIM registration, about how to check your MTN Ghana SIM status and correct them in case any information is wrong.

There’s no need you should worry about how to know info you used to register your MTN SIM — since I have this article post recommended for you with the interesting tips and steps to follow from MTN Ghana.

After learning how you can check your MTN SIM Registration Status on your mobile phone successfully, you can also do self SIM Registration status update yourself after MTN Ghana released a useful information on how to update your MTN Ghana SIM registration status and you can read this here: How To Update Your MTN Ghana SIM Registration Status

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