Bitcoin Investment Websites in Ghana

By | October 9, 2021

In this article, we look at some websites that allow Ghanaians to invest in bitcoin easily. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that does away with the need for middlemen such as banks and governments instead of relying on a peer-to-peer computer network to validate purchases between users.

Like any other form of investment, Bitcoin investment seems complicated to do, but nothing like buying bitcoin for it to stay in your wallet to exchange it for physical cash if you realize its value has changed. Investment, in general, is very risky since the market can go against you, and you may even lose some money.

If you are looking for bitcoin investment websites in Ghana, then I will recommend the following websites to you where you can invest in bitcoin successfully.

1. Coinbase

Coinbase is an international platform that provides a secure way you can invest your bitcoin. It enables you to create a secure bitcoin wallet that allows you to host your bitcoins on their platform. Coinbase is trusted by thousands of investors and crypto traders worldwide.
You need to create and verify your account to start investing and create a bitcoin wallet to start investing.

2. Luno

Luno is another platform that allows you to invest your bitcoin and exchange your crypto in about 40 countries. You can buy, sell and save your bitcoin in their wallet. They provide a secure and easy way to invest your coins.
If you are interested and want to start investing using Luno, then create a verified Luno account and your bitcoin wallet and start investing.

3. BlockChain

Blockchain is the most popular platform to invest, buy and sell your bitcoin. You can also exchange cryptocurrencies on their platform in some selected. You can create your bitcoin wallet and start investing. It is easy to create your crypto wallet on Blockchain, but you need to verify your identity, which is a requirement on almost all crypto platforms.

4. Paxful Bitcoin

If you want to invest in bitcoin, Paxful is highly recommended in Ghana. You can create your account, and you can buy from different sellers and even sell your bitcoin quickly. This platform is very active in Ghana and used by many to sell and accept bitcoin. You can choose from many payment options, such as Mobile Money, Chippercsah, expresspay, etc., which are all available in Ghana.

5. Bamboo

With your mobile phone and bank account, Bamboo allows you to invest your bitcoin using their platform. It is new in Ghana but doing a great job. Bamboo also will enable you to invest your bitcoin in Ghana very easily.


With the platforms mentioned above, you can create your bitcoin wallet, buy bitcoin and start investing. But before you start investing, I recommend you learn a little about investment and crypto investment, specifically bitcoin investment.

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