Too Much Use Of Social Media Adds A Sense Of Isolation

By | January 2, 2020

Too Much Use Of Social Media Adds A Sense Of Isolation

With the help of some popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, we do get connected to our friends and family within a click of a button via the internet.

But according to a study proves that too much use of social media can make you feel lonely. With this, the University of Pittsburgh psychologist young people do spend more of their time on social media so they can feel socially isolated themselves.

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Social media websites such as Twitter, Snap Chat, Reddit and Tumblr users become angry most time for using these websites. These people have the believe that people who interact with them on social media are grateful to them for better and happy life.

Too Much Use Of Social Media Adds A Sense Of Isolation

This study as it was published in the American Journal of Prevention Medicine, carried out in the past found in other studies and investigations are several psychological problems to those who use social media. According to a senior study author, Dr. Elizabeth Miller, “Ultimately we still can’t say that social media use before beginning or socially isolated. If not, people are already suffering from social isolation loneliness mean that more time should be spent on social media to remove.”

Too Much Use Of Social Media Adds A Sense Of Isolation.

Experts with the study prove that people who spent more time like 2 hours on Social Media feel more better than being lonely as compared to people who spent less than half an hour each day on Social media. A co-author of the study, Brian O Prymak says, “ It poses a major problem to the research needs of adults with mental health problems and social isolation because of the outbreak. but this study is its negation”

Not to forget, these people according to study involved almost 1787 adults from 19 to 32 years, and informed about the use of a questionnaire to the media and feelings.

Research has made us understood that social interaction is changing the concept of social media. Now people don’t have the time for meetings with others in the real life as the power of Social media has changed the way we do meetings.

A study has shown to us that the use of social media sites like Facebook allows users to grieve in such that, a user can be at Abroad and schedule a meeting with clients via the internet.

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