How To View Deleted WhatsApp Messages

By | October 11, 2022

It is very annoying sometimes — to see your friends deleting a WhatsApp message they sent to you within some seconds without you reading the particular interesting message.

They can even tease you and delete the message immediately they see that you could not get the message early.

In terms of talking about the popular and commonly used Instant Messaging platform in the world, WhatsApp is the number 1 to mention above all messaging platforms.

The Instant Messaging App has over billion users across the globe who are found of using the messaging platform for personal and business related purposes.

WhatsApp has been introducing a lot of features time after time, and one of these features to mention is the ‘delete for everyone’ option. This option enables messages sent to be deleted from both ends; thus, from the one who sent it and at the end of the receiver.

Today’s post will focus on how to view a deleted WhatsApp messages on your Smartphone.

View WhatsApp Deleted Messages on Android Using Notification Log

For Android mobile users, you can be using notification log to view deleted WhatsApp messages on Android by making sure you have these:

  • Android mobile phone with a minimum of 4.4.0 Android version
  • Not cleared your phone memory or cache with any antivirus or phone cleanup application in the last few minutes.
  • Internet connection on your mobile phone.

Now, let us get to start with the process on how you can view a deleted WhatsApp messages on your mobile phone.

Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages using WhatsRemoved+.

WhatsRemoved+ is an app that helps you see that special message someone has deleted within few minutes ago on WhatsApp.

The WhatsRemoved+ app lets you grab the deleted WhatsApp messages from the notification and read it even after the sender is no longer willing to share it with you.

  • Go to Google Play Store and download the App, ‘WhatsRemoved+‘ on your phone.
  • Allow the app to access to your notifications and all the messages.
  • Now, anytime someone deletes a message on WhatsApp, you will receive notification.

The moment a message gets deleted, you’ll receive a notification that a sender has deleted a message. You can open the app and read the message.

View Deleted WhatsApp Messages using Notification History.

  • Go to Play Store and download the App, ‘Notification History‘ on your smartphone.
  • Open the mobile app, Accept and allow the app to access notifications on apps. eg. WhatsApp
  • From the time of installation, the app records your notifications as they come.
  • Open the application after a WhatsApp message has been deleted by the sender
  • Click on WhatsApp from the list to see all WhatsApp notifications
  • You will now see all the messages you have received on WhatsApp over the few hours.

You are free to copy or screenshot the message you want to view.

After this, you can always use it to view messages that have been deleted within the few hours on WhatsApp. Always keep in mind that the app stores notifications for about four hours and so any data that goes beyond that hours cannot be retrieved by this app.

I know how it feels when someone sends us message and deleted it instantly — just in a way to tease you on WhatsApp though.

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This mobile app can help you recover that messages being deleted on WhatsApp now, since it is found within the few hours ago on your smartphone.

WhatsApp application has several features for users — and if you don’t know any of these features, then you can also check out our latest posts on WhatsApp here.

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