How To Set Up WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock on Android Phones

How To Set Up WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock on Android Phones.

There should not be any reason for people to read your personal chats on your Android phone.

Each and everyday, WhatsApp rolls out new features for users to enjoy the use of the Instant Messaging app on Android and iOS devices.

One special feature launched recently was the ability to add a fingerprint lock to WhatsApp messenger. This means, no one can access your WhatsApp chats without unlocking the app via a fingerprint saved to your smartphone.

Preferably, smartphones with fingerprint sensors are the best to work with this latest feature of WhatsApp. Now, let’s take a look at how to lock your WhatsApp with a fingerprint on Android.

Here’s how to set up WhatsApp fingerprint lock on your Android smartphone.

Always make sure to download and install WhatsApp version 2.19.221 or above to proceed this WhatsApp fingerprint authentication.

How to set up fingerprint lock on WhatsApp for Android

  • Open WhatsApp > tap the vertical three dots icon on the top-right and go to Settings.
  • Go to Account > Privacy > Fingerprint Lock.
  • On the next screen, turn on Unlock with Fingerprint.
  • Additionally, you can also set the duration after which you’ll have to use your fingerprint to unlock WhatsApp. It can be set to Immediately, After a minute or After 30 minutes.
  • Further, you can also choose if you want to show the message content and sender in the notifications or not.
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How to set up Face lock on WhatsApp for iOS

Just like Android, WhatsApp allows biometric lock feature on iPhone.

While the iPhone models that support Face ID can use facial recognition to secure that chat messages, the iPhone models with Touch ID can use fingerprint lock. The biometric authentication can be enabled by going to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy > Screen lock.

Follow these processes above to setup fingerprint or face lock for your android and iPhone today.

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