Best Shops To Buy Latest Mobile Phones in Ghana

By | June 14, 2023

Smartphone as technology device has become part of human since there’s no day we can live without our mobile phones and knowing the Best Shops To Buy Mobile Phones in Ghana is what I have for you today.

The rate of mobile phone usage in Ghana is very high — as every day, there are millions of people buying new mobile phones.

Sometimes, not all mobile phone shops can give you the best specs and features of the latest Tecno phones or latest Infinix phones in Ghana — but you can make use of this post to find the best shops to buy the latest mobile phones in Ghana.

These mobile phone shops have cheaper and affordable mobile phones for interesting smartphone lovers in Ghana. Here are the list of best mobile phone shops below.

Best Shops To Buy Mobile Phones in Ghana

Electroland Ghana Ltd

For the best electronics across the nation such as Samsung, Midea, and Nasco brands, then Electroland Ghana Ltd is the ideal place to go. Nationwide, Electroland Ghana Ltd has over 15 direct branded and ten franchised showrooms across the country with its latest premium outlet located on the Spintex road.

Electroland Ghana Ltd can be one of the best shops you can visit to buy Mobile phones in Ghana.

Franko Trading Enterprise

For the best retail and wholesale mobile phone and accessories company in Ghana, Franko Trading Enterprise is an ideal place to shop for the latest mobile phones across the nation.

Despite the offline shops, Franko Trading Enterprise also comes with an online store that you can buy all your electronic devices, gadgets, computers and more.

Franko Trading Enterprise has flexible form you can buy for any electronics from them. The mobile phone and accessories company in Ghana allows you to by shopping for a mobile phone or accessory online and get it delivered to you

Despite the wide range of products available on the Franko Online Shop, you can also pay on delivery — which guarantees a fast and reliable delivery.

Check out for Franko Trading Enterprise and enjoy the exclusive discounts with the best deals ever.

iShop Ghana

You may be busy for the whole day but would also love to go to mobile phone shop and purchase that latest smartphone that can help you accomplish your works. Then iShop Ghana has the solution — as you can buy that latest smartphone online and get it delivered to your doorstep.

The mobile phone shop, has wide range of electronics for interesting smartphone lovers. Some of these are; Smartphones, Bluetooth headsets, accessories like chargers, batteries, phone cases and more.

Jumia Ghana

Jumia Ghana has been noted as one of the most visited eCommerce platforms in Ghana. For listing of products, shopping of products and get it delivered to your doorstep is what the eCommerce company does.

Jumia Ghana gives you flexible payment option; pay before getting your mobile phones with either Mobile money, Visa cards or choose cash on delivery payment mode.

You can shop for your interesting electronic products from either the website or using the Mobile App and get it delivered to your preferred location within some minutes.


The telecommunication company also trade in mobile phones and accessories, any telecommunication equipment, electronic products, and gadgets. Telefonika started operation in the year 2000 in Osu, Accra and has grown over decades.

Telefonika has service centre that is well staffed with professional technicians from diverse parts of the world, who have been trained and are well versed in mobile telecommunication and IT systems to meet their clients.

Reapp Ghana

Reapp is one of the best online shops you can buy any latest mobile phone in Ghana. With Reapp Ghana has categories for retailers for their products — to make it easy to find what you are looking for.

Just like Jumia Ghana, Franko Trading Enterprise and others, Reapp Ghana also has the delivery service to its customers.

Compu Ghana

Compu Ghana started its store on Oxford Street in Osu (Accra), in the year 2007. For all range of IT products, Tablet devices, software (Windows, Mac and Linux), Home Appliances etc, then choose nowhere than Compu Ghana.

Zoobashop is a Ghanaian online retail store and one of the largest online store in Ghana today, after Jumia Ghana. With broad category of products for shoppers, you can find products such as phones, home appliances, kids & toys, fashion and beauty products, foods, drinks & groceries, and lot more.

Melcom Ghana

Melcom Ghana has an online in Ghana that is Melcom Online. Melcom has been in Ghana for long, and has been selling wide range of products.

Melcom Ghana allows you to buy any product from the online store and get it delivered to your doorstep.

iStore is best known as Ghana’s very own Apple Store.

Today, Apple products like iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPod Touch and Macintosh, and its technologies command a user base that can be seen literally as a Cult! Each of these marked a turning point in how technology became progressively more central part of man’s life.

Now, Ghana has its own Apple Store – iStore. Ghana’s first and only Apple Authorised Reseller.

With the iStore, you can also repair for your Apple products and also check Apple’s iStore for the latest affordable Apple products in Ghana.

TECNO Phone Shops In Accra

There are a lot of TECNO Mobile phone shops operating in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, and few Tecno phone shops to mention in Accra are: Tecno Phones shops In Accra TECNO Mobile Ghana Showroom, Telefonika Accra shop, Tecno Mobile Maa Aggie Phones, Tecno Mobile International Phones, Tecno Mobile Company HQ, Freddies Corner Accra Shop, Tech Gadgets Accra, Mobile Zone Accra, TECNO Exclusive Darkuman – HQ Shop, Super Lovek Phones – Accra Branch, Ronnaboa Investments, EM Phones – Kwashieman, China Mall Spintex Main, Palace Mall.

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Need I have to say more about Best Shops To Buy Mobile Phones in Ghana?

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