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A Brief History About Blogging – How Blogging Started

A Brief History About Blogging — How Blogging Started. A Brief History Of Blogging: Full story coming next on ICT Catalogue As Ghana’s Passionate Tech Journal. Starting a blog has never been easier, but thanks to web applications that allow us to setup a blog simply but interesting blogs to manage without the knowledge of… Read More »

How To Choose A Keyword-rich Domain Name For Your Blog 2021

Only few bloggers understand the term “Keyword” and “Keyword-rich Domain Name”. Research shows that 65% bloggers failed because of bad domain names used in developing their blog. Choosing a wrong domain name and web host can be dangerous to your business, if care is not taken. So be careful in choosing the right domain name… Read More »

How To Create Evergreen Blog Contents That Rank Easily 2021

We have been hearing from a lot digital marketers that, “Content is King” — but how do you create a lucrative content that generates everyday search from users. Creating evergreen content that ranks is what will make you drive a long term organic traffic from search engines. Creating them takes time and creativity in all.… Read More »

10 Must-install Chrome Extensions for Bloggers and Content Writers

In this post, I will discuss 11 Must-install chrome extensions for bloggers. Read on. Chrome extensions. Who doesn’t love them? I love them as well as many chrome users do. Chrome extensions are small bits of software that performs certain functions, add to your browser’s feature, and improve your browsing experience. In other words, they… Read More »

Tips For Writing An Awesome Blog Post

Content Marketing is a great way to generate traffic to your blog or website. But there’s a little problem in content marketing. It’s very difficult to create and takes a quite a long time to write an awesome blog post. However, to come up with great contents that can generate more traffic to your website… Read More »