A Brief History About Blogging – How Blogging Started

By | November 14, 2022

A Brief History About Blogging — How Blogging Started. A Brief History Of Blogging: Full story coming next on ICT Catalogue As Ghana’s Passionate Tech Journal.

Starting a blog has never been easier, but thanks to web applications that allow us to setup a blog simply but interesting blogs to manage without the knowledge of programming.

What Is The First Ever Blog Created Online?

Links.net is the first ever blog created in 1994 by Justin Hall.

Due to lack of online recordkeeping and archiving in the early days online, this brought to the attention of Justin Hall, an undergrad of Swarthmore College, to create his first weblog that is links.net in 1994 to publish his writings as an online diary.

A Brief History About Blogging

Justin Hall’s writings were about the details of his life, which he shared with his fellow students and readers.

The weblog consisted of brief posts with shared links that gave access to his work and other websites. Ten years after his debut, Justin Hall was titled the “Founding Father of Personal Bloggers” by The New York Times. Following into Justin’s footsteps, it gave a birth to many blogs as many people started blogging on various topics as niches. The term “blog” was not coined yet and these websites were referred to as “Online Diaries” or “Personal Pages.”

Weblog was coined in 1997

In 1997, the term “weblog” was coined by Jorn Barger, the mastermind behind the influential blog “Robot Wisdom”. The weblog was a combination of two words — log that means written documentation and web taken from the world wide web.

Per this information about blogging in 1997, this tells you very well that the term copy-and-paste in blogging started in 1997 — since it specifies that, log that means written documentation and web taken from the world wide web.

I hope to bring you more information as I am gathering some facts and putting them into an article post on the tech blog — ictcatalogue.com

In summary, in the early years, bloggers had to write codes for their websites, add a new HTML page to the server with every entry or update the homepage with new links but now, thanks to the application of modern technology as Blogging has changed considerably and Personal blogging has transitioned into professional blogging due to newly released technologies that make blogging easy.

From WordPress technology, you can install your WordPress software on your hosting after purchasing a budgeted host from any favourite hosting company, install WordPress theme and customize to suit your needs.

Blogger.com also allows newbie bloggers to buy domain and setup with free hosting from blogspot, purchase a nice blogger template to customize to look like a professional designed website.

Thanks to the advancement of the internet and this is all you may need to know about A Brief History About Blogging — How Blogging Started.

I believe this article has been of help for you to understand the history of blogging and here is a full guide on how to become a blogger.

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