How To Introduce Yourself To People As A Blogger

By | October 15, 2023

The journey of thousand mile, usually begins at one step as they used to say. The journey of blogging and achieving success, is all about having or owning a blog that you can manage in part-time or full-time based.

Several blog post has been made concerning blogging and everything that you ought to know about the term ‘blogging’.

Finding it difficult in explaining to people what the term blogging is and the career you’re in as a blogger, normally happens when you used to live in rural areas making it difficult for you to explain your job to others as a blogger.

My idea and motive in writing this blog post is based on the confused questions that are trending over the internet and how people get confused in explaining to others, their career as a blogger.

One day, as I was conducting research on Google before writing this super article, I found a very useful blog existing for some couple of years, explaining everything into details. I see to it as a useful resource and I decided to share in this article for others to also read and benefit from.

On a blogging community platform owned by HARSH AGRAWAL being the founder and chief-editor for, is the website blog I am currently talking about here and in reference to a post in an article titled “How To Explain That You Are A Blogger To Your Spouse’s Family” everything was well explained there concerning the right explanation of the career as a blogger to others.

This is what was explained in brief to a fellow blogger named Mahesh, who asked this question on how he can best explain to his spouse’s family his career into blogging.

A Reply Letter From Harsh Agrawal To A Blogger

This was the reply HARSH AGRAWAL gave to him in return;

I see your problem. It is really hard to explain this to relatives, and especially your future wife’s family. IMHO, the best way to tackle this is:

Tell them you are a Solopreneur who is a proud owner of a business. Explain to them that having a website online is the same as having an office offline. The only difference is, people don’t have to physically visit your store/office.

And if you have a team who works for you, that team consists of your employees.

They might ask how you make money…

Instead of getting in the depths of ads & affiliate marketing, you can relate this to commonly used business terms. If you are making money using AdSense, tell them you are a partner with Google (you actually are). If you are an affiliate with other companies, like Amazon, tell them you are a partner with that company.

Speak in a manner that they understand. They need to understand what you do because they also need to explain this to others. Give them words that define you & are easy for them to explain your work.

However, there will be a few members who are tech savvy or understand the internet; in these cases, you can explain to them in detail what you do. This is important as these family members will make you feel good, as they will be the only ones who understand what you are actually doing.

Before explaining all of this to them, you need to stop seeing yourself as “just a blogger”. You are actually an entrepreneur, a creative person, and someone who has already cracked the code of making money online.

Speak in a way that they understand, and remember that at the end of the day, it’s all about your partner. If you can explain this to her, and if she understands what you are doing & your future ambitions, you will also end up finding the right wife in that girl.

Wish you luck! | Credit:

How To Introduce Yourself As A Blogger To People

In this article, I would like to show you how to introduce yourself as a blogger to people in today’s confused blogosphere.

First of all, choose the sort of service you deliver to people and the value it brings to them either in their life or business.

What makes you totally different. In what ways and how do you help others? What sort of people do you help? Making a plan on this can boost your confidence in explaining it well to people your career in blogging.

Always remember to use familiar words that someone you are explaining to, understands very well, especially if you happen to be in the niche of which people don’t really know anything much about.

Finally, practice! Practice your speech right after you write it down and then continue to practice it for a minute each day until it becomes second nature. Well explained!

In saying to someone that you are a blogger, it would be better if you put your sentence in some wise saying, “I do run an online website geared toward helping creative entrepreneurs build their dream business.”

Most people would love to say I’m freelance website designer, but it would be better if you say “I help small businesses build a strong web presence through design and consulting services including advertising online.”

Instead of saying you operate a web store at Ebay, ClickBank or Amazon, it would be better if you say, “I own a jewelry business that’s focused on environmental sustainability. We only use recycled products in our designs.”

If you happen to fall under any content marketing job, you can simply say you write article for individuals and companies that want to promote their products and services online.

If you happen to be a blogger who knows how to design a blog, then you can introduce yourself to people as a blogger as — someone who help businesses advertise their services online.

Depending on your blogging niche, you can discuss with people about how you help businesses with your niche online. I am a tech blogger and I can explain to people, that I help mobile phone companies promote their phones and tablets online to get ore revenue — and get paid.

If you are an entertainment niche blogger, then you can tell people you are a journalist for short.

Hope this article helps brief you with information on how to introduce yourself to people as a blogger.

I am Emmanuel Atigah, a writer, web designer and SEO consultant. You can get in touch with me if you’re wiling to start blogging in Ghana via; +233542659477

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