How To Choose A Keyword-rich Domain Name For Your Blog 2021

Only few bloggers understand the term “Keyword” and “Keyword-rich Domain Name”. Research shows that 65% bloggers failed because of bad domain names used in developing their blog.

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Choosing a wrong domain name and web host can be dangerous to your business, if care is not taken. So be careful in choosing the right domain name and web host for your business, blog or website.

In our today’s article guide, would like to give you more about How To Choose A Keyword-rich Domain Name For Your Blog 2021.

Before getting a domain name, you MUST consider the keyword

For Example:

If you want to create a blog on snail farming. The best domain to use is ,, depending on the ones available.

If you want to create a relationship blog. The best domain to use is or depending on the one available.

Why Must You Use a Keyword-rich Domain

A keyword-rich domain name is necessary if you really want to rank high in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on. When search engines crawl your site for contents, they gather information base on your keywords

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For Example:

If you go to and search for “Loans in Ghana” (without the quote).

Google will bring out the results base on these factors;

  • Meta Tag (keywords)
  • Meta Description (keywords)
  • Contents (keywords) and
  • Domain (keywords).

If you check out these factors, it’s all based on what – KEYWORDS!

So back to this article post topic, if your domain has the keywords (Loans in Ghana) like (and all other things set properly) and someone go to Google search to look for “Loans in Ghana”, your blog have the tendency of been among top 5 on page 1 of Google because the 3 keywords in Google search are contained in the domain name.

So therefore..

Before buying a domain name, make sure your keyword is included.

But Note, if you want to develop a blog using blogger platform, your domain name will not end with .com but e.g

Before I hang my pen, I want to let you know that your blog domain can still end with .com using blogger blog platform to develop your blog but you will need to buy it. Send mail to [email protected] or use the contact form if you need more clarification on this or make sure you subscribe to my newsletter so that you won’t miss my upcoming article on how to buy a .com domain for your blogger blog.

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I believe at this Junction (J) Time (T) you now know what mean by keyword and how to choose a rich-keyword for your blog domain name.

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