How To Verify Your Google AdSense Account Without PIN (2022 Guide)

By | July 24, 2022

Verifying Google AdSense account without PIN is the desire of many bloggers that have not receive their Google AdSense PINs sent to their post office mailing box.

About Google AdSense In Blogging

After learning how to become a blogger and setting up your blog, the next option to think about is monetization aspect, and Google AdSense is one of the ways to make money from your blog. This calls for a reason why you should read about how to start a blog and make money online.

In receiving your PIN code for Google AdSense Account Verification, this helps you to receive any amount of money available in your Google AdSense account — provided it is more than $100.

This PIN letter might seems insignificant to beginners, new users or anyone who is unknow to Google AdSense. However, there is a 6-digits PIN number code that is essential to verify Google AdSense account so that you can receive payment from Google AdSense once you hit the payment threshold, which is 100 U.S Dollar or any currency under this list.

Before Google can send you PIN code for the verification of your Google AdSense account, you would have to reach $10 in your account, before a PIN can be sent to the address provided as a letter.

If you fail to verify your Google AdSense account, you will not able to receive payment from Google, even if your account is having almost $1,000. Also those who key in the PIN incorrectly for 3 times will not be able to show advertisement under AdSense account.

you can receive AdSense PIN in 2 to 4 weeks usually. For my case, it took me about 4 to 6 weeks to receive the PIN. The Google AdSense PIN can delay due to your geographical location as a factor.

If you are living in Malaysia, your AdSense PIN is mostly sent from France in Europe region and the distance between these countries is quite far. However, for most countries in Asia especially south east Asia and pacific region, the AdSense account holders there probably will receive their AdSense PIN from Malaysia.

If you happen to live in the United States of America, you have a few days to receive your PIN, while a bloggers in Africa have some number of weeks to receive their Google AdSense PIN letter.

How To Verify Your Google AdSense Account Without PIN

You may wait for 3 weeks after AdSense sent you the PIN and you can request AdSense to resend the PIN from them. The maximum number of PIN you can request AdSense to resend the PIN is 3 times. But here is the case we have not received our PIN code via the post office box and waiting to withdraw that $100 in our Google AdSense account.

Wait for me to take you through how to verify your Google AdSense account without PIN code in 2021.

Anytime you fail to receive your Google AdSense PIN letter for the fourth time (1 PIN when balance hit 10 USD + 3 PINs after making request), Google allows you to verify your AdSense account manually without PIN with the AdSense PIN troubleshooter method.

Just follow AdSense guideline and you can verify AdSense account through a “Contact Form” form there. After open that contact us form fill in your name, AdSense account ID and upload your government-issued ID in that form and submit it.

Google will review and proceed your request within 24 hours, and could be over 48 hours sometimes. However, it just took me minutes for AdSense to verify my account through the contact form.

So now, you have successfully verified your Google AdSense account and can withdraw any money from the account. Google shall make payment anytime your payment date is due with $100 and above.

Watch Video Of How To Verify Google AdSense PIN Without PIN Code

This is a video guide on YouTube, teaching you the exact steps you should follow to verify your Google AdSense account without using PIN code.

I believe this method has educate you on how to verify your Google AdSense account without PIN. Drop your comments and suggestions using the comment box below.

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