How To Setup Internet Settings For AirtelTigo Ghana Subscribers

By | September 23, 2020

How To Setup Internet Settings For AirtelTigo Ghana Subscribers.

One of the most difficult basic thing to do whenever we purchase a brand new phone, is to setup an internet connection on with our mobile network.

When it happens like this, the first thing in mind is not about the internet speed of your network — but rather how to setup the internet connection on your smartphone before thinking about the speed of the internet.

In today’s computer age, internet has become a basic necessity in our life than any other thing — that is why we try any possible best to stay active and stay connected online.

AirtelTigo Ghana internet configuration is what most people tend to skip the manual internet configuration to opt for the automatic internet configuration settings.

How to get AirtelTigo Internet settings

In this article, I will like to walk you through how to setup your AirtelTigo Internet on your Android smartphone.

This is how to setup internet on AirtelTigo for your newly-purchased smartphone.

Steps To Set Up AirtelTigo Ghana Internet Settings:

  • Go to your device’s settings.
  • Go to Internet & Networks Or Wireless and Settings then Select and open Mobile networks.
  • Select Access Points Names and open it.
  • Create new APN by taping on the plus“+” sign or by pressing Menu and selecting new APN.
  • Select Name and enter “AirtelTigo”
  • Select APN and enter “” or “Internet
  • Save the Settings.
  • Switch data sim and enjoy your Internet.

Short code For Automatic AirtelTigo Ghana Internet Settings

To automatically get these settings, dial the AirtelTigo Ghana internet short code *540# and wait for an automatic internet settings to be sent to your phone.

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If you are still confused and do not know how to go about this reading the steps above, then you can watch a video tutorial about this below.

Wrapping Up!

The emergence of popular social media and instant messaging platforms has brought high consuming of data bundles and that is why data has become a basic necessity in our life.

Be it WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or other messenger platforms, we still need some amount of data bundle to surf the platform efficiently.

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