How To Register AirtelTigo Money Account Yourself

By | July 24, 2020

.Technology has changed how we do things in our everyday life. The era of COVID-19 has increased the rate of using technology in various sectors.

Thanks to FinTech applications — as mobile networks can also run financial services via mobile phones for transactions.

In a way to keep social distancing and prevent the spread of the pandemic coronavirus, mobile networks are also showing their best to make sure customers are in safer hands.

This has brought self service on network packages — instead of going to offices to get it done.

Today, AirtelTigo Ghana has brought self service for subscribers to register for AirtelTigo money from the convenient of their rooms with simple to follow process.


How To Register AirtelTigo Money Account Yourself

You can now self-register your AirtelTigo Money account from home and thanks to the mobile network — AirtelTigo Ghana.

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Unlike before that a user has to visit AirtelTigo service centres before registering for AirtelTigo Money account, this process has come to change how this initial process works.

How to register your AirtelTigo Money Account Yourself

How To Register AirtelTigo Money Account Yourself

The mobile network — AirtelTigo Ghana has made it easier for customers to self register their AirtelTigo Money account by sending a “Hi” to the AirtelTigo Money registration support WhatsApp number, 0577000084. Afterwards, a rep will get in touch with you to start the registration process.

After sending a “Hi” to the AirtelTigo Ghana rep, you will then need a valid Identification card (Ghana Passport, Voters ID or a Ghana card) to complete the registration process.

Take a picture of the ID and send it to the WhatsApp number; and if other details are need, the registration rep will ask for them. Once your registration process request is processed, you will get a text message to confirm its success.

There is nothing like sitting in the comfort of your room and getting your AirtelTigo Money account register. Without going out from your room.

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Just follow the simple steps above to get your AirtelTigo Money account register for you within the shortest possible time.

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