How To Register For RetireRite Pension on AirtelTigo Money

By | August 8, 2020

You’re welcome to read this post on How To Register For RetireRite Pension on AirtelTigo Money.

There is nothing greater than saving your money to secure your retirement age and more beneficial in today’s 21 century. That’s where the practical use of technology application comes in, to eliminate the good old traditional pension schemes that mostly fail to meet the modern-day requirement of easy and convenient access.

In today’s era, thanks to the application of FinTech, and mobile networks have also played their major roles to make life so easier for subscriber and one of these is AirtelTigo. AirtelTigo has partnered with the People’s Pension Trust to introduce a tier 3 mobile pension scheme coupled with a savings product, a RetireRite pension.

What Is AirtelTigo Money?

AirtelTigo Money is the mobile money service that allows customers to send and receive money, buy airtime, pay bills, pay for goods and services from their mobile phone. AirtelTigo Money customers can also make deposit and withdraw money from their mobile phones through any of AirtelTigo Money authorized Agents.

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It’s very interesting to see how RetireRite pension on AirtelTigo Money gives you the opportunity to secure for yourself a better retirement with just amount as little as GHS 1 on your mobile phone.

Talking about how this will work, half of your contribution shall be deposited into a savings account, which you can withdraw up to 50%, anytime you desire.

The interesting part about RetireRite pension is that, it is very easy to register, use it like the way you may be using your AirtelTigo Money to pay for bills, buy airtime or bundles, and many more.

After getting to know some brief about RetireRite Pension, let me now walk you through how you can register using your AirtelTigo Money.

How to register for RetireRite Pension on AirtelTigo Money

  • Dial *110#
  • Choose Pay Bill (option 4)
  • Select Insurance and Pension (option 6)
  • Select RetireRite (option 1)
  • Select Register (option 1)

Now, follow this to register for RetireRite Pension on AirtelTigo Money to enjoy life during pension days. Life is simple and it’s time to plan towards it.

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