How To Check BECE Results On Mobile Phone

How To Check Your BECE School Placement Online In Ghana

Today’s article guide is all about How To Check Your BECE School Placement Online In Ghana.

To check your CSSPS Ghana results, it’s easier to do from the comfort of your room. You only need computer or smartphone with internet connection.

Basic Education Certificate Examination is an essential examination you ought to pass before you can gain an admission into any Senior High school in Ghana.

After solving more and more BECE past questions and passing your exams with flying colours, the next step — is to gain admission into Second cycle level but you need to check to se which Senior High school you are being placed at.

Guidelines For Selection Of Schools For BECE Placement

This part contains all the full guidelines for selection of Schools For BECE Placement in Ghana.

As part of measures to ensure a smooth placement of qualified BECE candidates for 2020, the Ghana Education Service (GES) has put in place the more guidelines for Candidates, parents and guardians to follow in selection of Senior High Schools according to categories.

Now, let us take a look at how you can check your BECE 2020 School Placement using your Computer or Mobile Phone.

In this article, I shall walk you through the step by step follow-guide to check for your BECE placement online.

How To Check Your BECE School Placement Online In Ghana

With this guide, you can check your 2020 BECE school placement with your mobile phone or computer.

  • First of all, you will have to purchase your BECE school placement checker card
  • Have access to Internet on your computer or mobile phone
  • Access the CSSPS result checker online portal,
  • Continue to enter your BECE index number. This should be your 10 digits index number including the examination year. Eg. If you wrote your BECE in 2020, your index number is 1234567890 and your examination year is 2020, you will have to input 123456789020
  • Enter the serial number found on the scratch card
  • Enter your PIN found on the same scratch card your purchased

After you are done entering your details and card details, you will then click on submit. Kindly wait for the windows pop up to load and upon successful, the CSSPS placement portal will display your placement for you.

  • Print this placement out with your school placed in.

Watch Video Of How To Check Your BECE 2020 School Placement Online

Sometimes, due to the large number of people checking their placement online, there can be common issues like slow loading or “Sorry the Index Number, Scratch Card Number/PIN Number does not exist. Please look carefully and retype”. When you see such messages, just look carefully on your scratch card details and enter them correctly and wait patiently for your placement result.

The only issue you have to contact authorities is when your placement result is withheld.

What To Do If Your Placement Results Is Withheld?

At times, your results can be withheld as you will experience challenges due to the fact that your results were received later than that of others. If it happens like this, you have to keep checking as it will be available later.

BECE School Placement Checker Shortcode 2020

Previously, BECE candidates could send their index number to the shortcode 1060 to check their CSSPS School Placement. But now, such mobile checking method does not work any more and you will have to access the internet to check the Senior High School you are being placed at.

You can also read about How To Check Your BECE results on phone before checking for your placement.

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