Likely ICT Questions & Answers For 2020 BECE Candidate in Ghana

By | June 12, 2020

Likely ICT Questions & Answers For 2020 BECE Candidate in Ghana.

This is not affiliated to any WAEC official activities, nor is affiliated to any institution for promotional purposes — but with the motive of educating the Basic Educational Certificate Examination candidate of 2020 in Ghana on the likely ICT questions and answers that are likely to appear in your exams and how to go about in answering them.

These questions and answers to them are posted here to help interesting 2020 BECE canditate with their desire to pass ICT questions in their exams. Having an idea of what you can be meeting in your final exams and how you will go about it when answering them, is the best way to pass your exams successfully. Examiners sometimes picks some questions from Past questions normally referred to as — Pasco to fuse it with new ones, they sometimes even change the English to scare you off the question. Always keep in mind that, there are no new questions anywhere to be set for you guys — but the old ones twisted and turned to trick you.

Likely ICT Questions & Answers For 2020 BECE Candidate in Ghana.

This is the section A part of the 2020 ICT like Questions and Answers for BECE Canidate.


1. The brain of the computer is the;

A. monitor

B. system software

C. read only memory

D. central processing unit

2. An example of output device is the;

A. keyboard

B. mouse

C. printer

D. scanner

3. One byte is equal to;

A. two bits

B. eight bits

C. sixteen bits

D. one thousand bits

4. To boot a computer means to;

A. put it off

B. put it on

C. restart it

D. take it away

5. The horizontal bar that normally lies at the bottom of a computer desktop screen is called?

A. taskbar

B. start button

C. horizontal ruler

D. quick launch toolbar

6. A folder within another folder is called?

A. file

B. subfolder

C. inside folder

D. innermost folder

7. Processed material which is meaningful to the user in computing is called?

A. data

B. file

C. information

D. record

8. The copyright laws protect the works of an author for a period of his life time and;

A. 40 years after his death

B. 50 years after his death

C. 60 years after his death

D. 70 years after his death

9. An example of a function key on a computer keyboard is;

A. F1

B. Q

C. @

D. NmLk

10. Entry of data into a computer is termed?

A. input

B. output

C. process

D. distribution

11. The following are hardware components except?

A. keyboard

B. monitor

C. mouse

D. windows

12. The following devices can be found in the system unit except?

A. ports

B. memory

C. motherboard

D. scroll wheel

13. The method of reproducing copies of a document is termed?

A. copying

B. pasting

C. photocopying

D. printing

14. Storage media that are similar to compact discs but store more data are known as;

A. pen drives

B. hard disks

C. floppy disks

D. digital versatile discs

15. To boot a computer system, the user needs;

A. printer attached

B. operating system

C. virus checking program

D. word processing software

16. The number of command buttons on the control menu are;

A. 2.

B. 3.

C. 4.

D. 5.

17. The location where a file is stored is called?

A. folder

B. icon

C. page

D. website

18. Viewing television for long periods can damage an individual’s;

A. eye

B. head

C. mouth

D. nose

19. Which of the following is an effect of loud ringing tone of mobile phone?

A. Headache

B. Wrist pain

C. Bleeding nose

D. Damage to hearing

20. Which of the following cannot cause computer virus infection?

A. Internet

B. Input devices

C. Computer network

D. Removable storage devices

21. The following are features of a word processing application window except?

A. desktop

B. font

C. print

D. zoom

22. Which of the following is not a component of a uniform resource locator (URL) ?

A. Web protocol

B. Name of browser

C. Name of web server

D. Name of the file with the directory

23. The speed of modem is measured in;

A. baud

B. bit

C. byte

D. hertz

24. A special software that is used to access the internet is called?

A. address bar

B. search engine

C. web browser

D. windows xp.

25. One billion bytes is approximately one;

A. gigabyte

B. kilobyte

C. megabyte

D. terabyte

26. Changing the desktop wall paper of a computer is termed?

A. background change

B. editing the desktop

C. customizing the desktop

D. formatting the desktop

27. The use of ICT in learning and teaching is to make it?

A. interesting and boring

B. uninteresting but not boring

C. interesting but students do not learn at their pace

D. easy and interesting, students learn at their pace.

28. To create a space between characters, words and sentences, use the;

A. backspace key

B. enter key

C. shift key

D. spacebar key

29. Which computer keyboard key allows users to erase characters to the left of the cursor?

A. Backspace key

B. Delete key

C. Insert key

D. Tab key

30. The process that is used to recall a document previously saved is termed?

A. Copy

B. Enter

C. Open

D. Save as

31. Double-clicking on a program icon on a computer desktop?

A. cuts the program’s window

B. copies the program’s window

C. closes the program’s window

D. opens the program’s window

32. Which of the following steps will open, check and correct errors, and submit the file for safe keeping under a word processing application?

A. File, Open, Edit and Save

B. Open, File, Edit and Save

C. Open, File, Close and Save

D. Start, Open, Edit and Save

33. The process of a user placing the cursor at one end of a text, holds down the left mouse button and drag to the other end of the text is referred to as;

A. copying

B. cutting

C. moving

D. selecting

34. Previewing a document before printing is necessary because it;

A. formats the document.

B. displays the name of the document.

C. displays copy and paste of documents.

D. displays how the document will look after printing.

35. Which of the following options is used to access a message from an Inbox in an electronic mailing?

A. Mail

B. Send/ Receive

C. Import / Export

D. Create New Account

36. Which of the following should a user bypass before accessing an email?

A. Gmail and password

B. Yahoo and username

C. Password and username

D. Computer name and password.

37. Which of the following command buttons in the browser enables a user to fetch the latest copy of the webpage?

A. Backward

B. Forward

C. Refresh

D. Stop

38. A spreadsheet cell name is referenced by a;

A. letter

B. number

C. letter and number

D. number and letter.

39. Mathematical calculations in a spreadsheet application are called?

A. labels

B. formulae

C. numbers

D. values

40. In a spreadsheet application, which of the following can be identified by a letter?

A. Cell

B. Column

C. Range

D. Row


  1. (a) Identify the diagram below:

(b) Identify the parts labeled A, B and C in 1(a)

A ………………………………………………………………………………………

B ………………………………………………………………………………………

C ………………………………………………………………………………………

(c) Provide the names and functions of each of the following mouse pointer shapes:

(d) Outline the steps used to rename a folder on the desktop of a computer.

  1. (a) Explain the term word processing?

(b) Give the default extension for the following file format:


(c) Write the shortcut keyboard keys combination for the following commands as used in a word processing environment:

(i) Cut.

(ii) Copy.

(iii) Paste.

(iv) Print.

  1. (a) List two examples of:

(i) input devices.

(ii) output devices.

(iii) storage media.

(iv) devices which serve both input and output purposes.

(b) Outline two differences between storage media and storage devices;

4.(a) Explain the following terms:

(i) Internet.

(ii) Search engine.

(b) What do the following Top Level Domains (TLDs) represent in a website address?

(i) .com

(ii) .edu

(iii) .gov

(iv) .net

(v) .mil

(vi) .org

  1. (a) What is copyright?

(b) State two reasons for copyright protection.

(c) Give three ICT devices that can produce output on paper.

(d) State one difference between softcopy output and hardcopy output.

These are some of the answers to the ‘Section B‘ part.


  1. (a) Shutdown Dialog Box.

(b)A Stand by / Hibernate.

B Turn off.

C Restart.

(c)(i) Normal Select Pointer.

Used to select.

(ii) Used to indicate a pending menu action OR To select graphical objects or an entire line from the extreme left-hand side.

(iii) Busy / Processing – indicates that the system is currently busy executing a process.

(iv) Text select pointer / I beam pointer – indicates that the selected area has editable text.

(v) Link Select Pointer – Used to select text and graphic links/hyperlinks.


Steps to rename a folder on the desktop of a computer.

(i) Right-click on folder’s icon.

(ii) Select Rename (by clicking on it or using the arrow keys and pressing ‘Enter’).

(iii) Type the new name of the folder.

(iv) Press ‘ENTER’ or click on any free space on the desktop.

2. (a)

It is the production, storage and manipulation of text on a computer using word processor software, such as Microsoft Word.

Examples of Word processing processes include composing, editing, formatting and printing text.


Notepad – .txt.


(i) Cut CTRL + X.

(ii) Copy CTRL + C.

(iii) Paste CTRL + V.

(iv) Print CTRL + P.

3. (a)

(i) input devices – Keyboard, mouse, microphone, scanner, camera(ii) output devices – Screen , printer, Monitor, speaker plotter.

(iii) storage media – Magnetic storage media such as hard disk, floppy disk and magnetic tape.

Optical Storage media such as CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD-R, DVD-RAM, CD-RW and DVD-RW.

Solid state storage media such as solid-state hard disc, memory stick and flash memory.

(iv) devices which serve both input and output purposes.

Touch screen, Modem, Digital Camera, disk drives, facsimile (fax).

(b) Outline two differences between storage media and storage devices.

Storage media are the materials that actually hold the data/information whereas.

Storage devices are the devices that save and / or read data from the storage media (ie, the device is what uses the media).

The storage media are usually placed on/in storage devices.


(i) Internet – a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols.

(ii) Search engine – a program that searches for and identifies items in a database that correspond to keywords or characters specified by the user, used especially for finding particular sites on the World Wide Web.Examples of search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.


(i) .com Commercial.

(ii) .edu Educational.

(iii) .gov Government.

(iv) .net Network.

(v) .mil Military.

(vi) .org Organization.

  1. (a) What is copyright?

The legal right to control the production and selling of a book, play, film, or software.


It is the legal right that prevents people from copying intellectual property without the permission of the original owner.(b) Reasons for copyright protection.

• to promote the progress of science, technology, and the arts.

• to encourage the creation of new and improved intellectual works.

• to prevent the unlawful/unauthorized use and/or duplication of creative works.

• to protect the interests of the authors/creators of intellectual property.

(c) Three ICT devices that can produce output on paper;

• Printer.

• plotter.

• facsimile (fax).

• photocopier.

(d) State one difference between softcopy output and hardcopy output.

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