What Are The Types Of Mobile Phones?

By | August 15, 2020

Mobile Phones have become part of human, just like technology. There is no single day we can live without touching or using our mobile phones for either making calls or sending messages.

Mobile Phone – Who isn’t aware of this word?

Every single individual understands what a cell phone is and how important it is for them in everyday life. In this article, I have categorised these mobile phones into four types; and these are; basic phones, smartphones, conventional phones, and unlocked phones. Maybe we should take a deeper insight into what each type of these mobile phones has for those who will use any of them.

This article is entitled to help you get a better understanding the type of mobile phone that is a perfect match for you.

Basic Phone

Basic mobile phones are perfect to make everyday calls and messages. Such basic phones permit users to easily create notes, set an alarm, and use a calculator. These basic mobile phones cannot give you advanced features like WiFi connectivity, camera and map. Basic mobile phones can be purchased at cheaper prices.


Despite basic mobile phones, Smartphones comprise a high-end operating system along with the processor. They do much more than the ordinary basic phone. Not only they allow users to make calls and send messages, but they also come with numerous fascinating features. Smartphones give you some interesting features such as web browsing, camera, games, WiFi connectivity, GPS, maps, email, social media platforms, and so much more. They no doubt are costlier than the basic phones but some of the smartphones are available at a very reasonable price.

Conventional Phone

We have basic phone, smartphone to be our first two types of mobile phone, and today’s own is Conventional phone.

Conventional Phone lies somewhere between the smartphone and a basic phone. The operating system in a conventional phone is not as advanced as the basic phone. Conventional Phone have both the touchscreen and the Qwerty keyboard. However, the touch screen is smaller than the smartphone. It offers many of the advanced features like camera, maps, Bluetooth, WiFi, web browsing, and others. However, conventional phones are not compatible with downloadable apps and flashy features.

Unlocked Phone

The locked phones are usually linked to their specific service provider. These locked phones only work if you use that specific carrier’s network. However, the unlocked phone does not have such limitations. You can change the carrier’s network whenever you want to by simply changing the sim cards. Due to such freedom, the unlocked phones are usually more expensive than the network phones. But along being expensive, they are difficult to maintain and set up.

Wrapping Up

It’s Very Surprising To See How We Have Been Using Mobile Phones Without Knowing Their Types. I believe this article has educate you a lot about the types of Mobile Phones We Have.

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