Tips For BECE Candidates – Overcome Your Test Anxiety

By | September 17, 2020

Best guide on how BECE Candidates can overcome their test anxiety in today’s confused era we live.

Finally, the Basic Education Certificate Examination we have been waiting for — is here after some couple of days, weeks, months or years of making preparation towards it.

Teachers and students have been busily solving BECE past questions to make sure candidates are much prepared before sitting for the examination. When it happens like this, students do not sleep at all, just because they have to stay awake learning and solving questions in testing themselves.

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Though some students might not care like other do in a busy way of solving past BECE questions, but most students do fear for instance the Mathematics, Science or English paper and begin to find books for revision.

There are several mock exams you have written in a way to test your preparation so far — for your BECE exams. Ensure you pass with a score of 70% – 80% to confirm how readiness you are for the final examination.

In this article, I will like to highlight some of the tips you can follow to overcome your test anxiety as a BECE candidate.

Be Prepared

There is no way a warrior can win a battle without getting prepared for it. So as a Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) candidate, you are required to prepare for your exam. Keep note of it as your final exam and focus to learn more and provide your best to pass once and for all.

Always study more guides and tutorials to solve more problems in the aspect you find difficult.

Write The Exam With Confidence

There is no way you can convince others than you being convinced before. Just believe in yourself and have the self confidence to write the exam and you shall overcome any anxiety to pass successfully.

Walk with brave and courageous friends that would love to motivate you before going to write your exam.

Have enough Sleep and Balanced diet

Yes! You saw it correctly. You need to rest well before the exam. You need to eat well before the exam. You may be feeling nervous before the paper and may not feel like eating anything but please do. Please no Coke or Sprite. Eat something heavier. Thinking and hungry stomach don’t go line in line.

Don’t Cram Before The Exam

Studying before examination makes us confused on some of the subjects. This happens especially when students rely on apor and will study them for the whole hours left before the actual paper. Be brave and focus on what you have learnt so far to write your exam.

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In addition, believe that the Basic Education Certificate Examination is just like the normal exam you have been writing in your classroom — though it is your final exam to say goodbye to Junior High School or basic education.

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