Online Education Platforms For Students In Ghana

Online Educational Platforms For Students In Ghana

These are some of the Online Educational Platforms For Students to learn In Ghana.

The Ministry of Education announcing the implementation of distance and remote learning programmes to enable students in Ghana to have access to learning resources while at home in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, brought about the launch of various learning apps for both JHS, SHS students, and University students, the rolled out on all mediums — radio, television and online — with support from the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Information.

Online platforms

The online platform for learning just consist of; learning apps for SHS students in Ghana, learning apps for JHS students in Ghana, learning apps for University students in Ghana as well.

Parallel Online learning system

The parallel online learning system by the Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service consists of e-learning platforms for both JHS and SHS students in Ghana; iCampusGH, Adesua Online, Ghana Learning TV, iSchools for various universities in Ghana etc.

The Online Learning For SHS Students in Ghana

The SHS students have the convenient chance to learn from the comfort of their room using the power of the internet.

Learning Websites for SHS Students in Ghana

Though I mentioned learning websites for SHS students in Ghana, but online learning websites for SHS students in Ghana also give other students particularly Junior High School students the opportunity to access and learn online. eg. iCampusgh.


Touching on the online version, the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service (GES) including the Centre for Distance Learning and Open Schooling (CENDLOS) had created an online study platform for all SHS students via the, which got over 22,000 plus students logged-on to the website after announcing officially.

The icampusgh platform also has audiovisuals learning which include virtual laboratories, interactive lessons and over 3,000 sets of notes, and audiovisual resources from Open Educational Resources.

How to access the platform for senior high school students in Ghana – iCampusGh and study your choice of course via the internet.

iCampus Registration for SHS

The platform, iCampusgh has registration for both the Senior High School (SHS) and Junior High School (JHS) students in Ghana, and the icampusgh registration for shs students require that students know their BECE index number, while that for JHS students require that Junior high students for SHS and icampusgh for JHS students serves students with an updated G.E.S syllabus with questions to answer as well.

How to register for iCampusgh and start learning

  • visit web portal
  • once you access the portal, enter your BECE index number as your username
  • That of SHS 3 students are to add 17 to the index numbers. Eg. 309074026 then 17 to read 30907402617
  • Enter [email protected] as your default password and click on log in

Note: You’ll be required to change your default password before you can continue to use the platform, icampusgh.

How to change default password on icampusgh.

I made an article post earlier on how to change default password on icampusgh and you can find the link to source here on how to change your default password on

Changing your password on icampusgh is very easy to follow just like ABCD and you can follow below.

  • On the login, interface enter your BECE index number as username and [email protected] as the default password.
  • Click on the login button
  • Create a new password by
    — Entering the default password in the current password field.

— Type your new password in the new password field.
— Repeat your new password in the new password field (again)

  • Click on the Save changes button.

How To Enroll In A Course on iCampus Gh

With the icampusgh online portal, once you’ve changed your password successfully, the platform should then redirect you to the homepage —

Then, click on the course from the web portal to see the list of courses that are available. For now, there are only core subjects and selected electives for now as others are being added. Just click on the course you may want to enroll.

You can read here about everything you need to know about icampusgh.

Adesua Online

The Adesua Online is an independent e-learning platform that is dedicated for all Senior High School and WASSCE remedial students.

Adesua Online has been regardged as one of the best online e-learning platform for SHS students in Ghana, that was built by Ashesi University Alumni, Ebenezer Addo Tenkorang, Lawrence Adjei and Francis Kornu.

On Adesua Online, there are some features of educational contents in the form of tutorial videos, slides, and audio from skilled, passionate and renowned teachers in the best senior high schools in Ghana.

Subjects that can be found on Adesua Online are; Core Maths, Integrated Science, Accounting and digital skills courses like Photography, digital marketing, programming, robotics and many subjects.

In a way of supporting senior high school and WASSCE remedial students in Ghana during the temporal closure of schools due to the pandemic coronavirus outbreak, Adesua Online with support from the MasterCard Foundation and SciencesPo University has made a provision for 100,000 high school and WASSCE remedial students to study for free on the e-learning platform provided by them.

How to access Adesua Online

  • Visit the website here;
  • Create an account to get started
  • Login and choose your preferred course to study


Easyprep is an African E-learning platform for all students especially at the High School level who are willing to take their studies to the next level.

With Easyprep, you can learn all your favourite subjects with the numerous resources available at the disposal of students.

There are resources such as well-researched lesson notes, practical videos for easy understanding, custom google search to enable students to search for educational materials and information while still on the platform.

This platform also provides progress reports which present a summary of all lessons taken by a student on the platform, the quizzes and Tests taken as well as the scores of each of those Tests.

Easyprep also has solved past questions from previous years to enable students to solve likely examination questions related to various topics of study on the platform.

Students also have the opportunity to play educational games. This is to aid students in assimilating contents of lessons they have studied with ease.

There’s a section of the platform where final year students can write Mock Examinations prepared by the managers of the platform in order to prepare final year students for their examinations.

This is the platform recommended for all final year students preparing to pass their exams successfully.

You can visit their website via:

You can call them via: 0276779955

TV Learning Platforms

The Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service (GES) has secured an agreement with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) for a free-to-air 24-hour dedicated channel for the broadcast of educational materials beginning April 3, 2020.

Ghana Learning TV

The channel, known as Ghana Learning TV, will initially broadcast educational materials for senior high school (SHS) students, while content for the Junior High School (JHS) and basic school students follow in due course.

Radio Broadcasting

Prof. Opoku-Amankwa explained, the arrangement was that whatever was broadcast on the television “is also made available on radio for a wider reach to the students.”

He added: “In doing this, we have selected a number of master trainers and master teachers to support in delivery and production; we are working closely with our teachers to produce the content for both television and radio,” he explained.

Prof. Opoku-Amankwa added that the content was based on the new curriculum produced by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) and content from other sources including scholastic in literacy and numeracy for the KG pupils.

Technology in education has made is so easy for students in Ghana to learn their desired course from the comfort of their room using the power of the internet and thanks to the government of Ghana for these development towards educational growth in Ghana.

This post briefs you about some of the online educational platforms for learning in Ghana to partake in learning activities during the pandemic coronavirus.

Online educational portals are much important in this era of COVID-19 pandemic and we need to make use of these provided platforms for students to learn online from the comfort of their room.

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