How To Apply For Nation Builders Corps NABCO 2021 In Ghana

By | November 20, 2020

This is today’s latest guide on How To Apply For Nation Builders Corps NABCO 2021 in Ghana.

The Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) Online Registration Form Portal 2020/2021 – The Nation Builders Corps, NABCO Online Registration Form portal has been enabled for the recruitment placement of qualified candidates into the Nation Builders Corps 2020/2021 Service Year.

What Is NABCO?

The Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) is designed by the Government of Ghana to provide 100,000 jobs for unemployed graduates. The focus of the initiative will be solving public service delivery in health, education, agriculture, technology, governance and drive revenue mobilization and collection.

The Objectives of NABCO

  • Provide temporary employment to unemployed graduates
  • Improve skills and employability for the transition from programme to permanent employment
  • Improve public service delivery
  • To provide needed infrastructure to improve access to basic public services

NABCO Modules

Under the modules of NABCO Ghana, graduates will be trained and equipped with the required skills and gadgets to be ready for deployment around the country to engage in the module. These are the modules for you below.

  1. Educate Ghana: Focus on STEM and other subjects in primary and secondary schools
  2. Heal Ghana: Provide healthcare delivery to deprived and rural communities across Ghana
  3. Feed Ghana: Provide extensive support to farmers across Ghana
  4. Revenue Ghana: Provide a workforce and minimal technology solution to generate the requisite revenue
  5. Digitise Ghana: Provide a converging solution to most of the active and latent government programmes and initiatives
  6. Civic Ghana: Provide some resources base at the District and Constituency level
  7. Enterprise Ghana: Assist with the effort to industrialise all parts of the country

Qualifications To Apply For Job At NABCO Ghana

Interesting applicants will be working under NABCO modules according to their qualification. Keep in mind that, you must have obtained a post-secondary education with a diploma or degree to be selected for a module under NABCO Ghana.

The modules under NABCO are:

  1. Educate Ghana: This is the NABCO module that is open to all graduates in Ghana. Though it is opened for all graduates, but graduates that are majored in STEM are entitled to apply more. These graduates with STEM qualification are; Science, Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics.
  2. Heal Ghana: The NABCO module that is opened to graduates with healthcare training. Trained nurses, midwives, medical laboratory technicians, pharmacy technicians are all encouraged to apply.
  3. Feed Ghana: This NABCO module is open to graduates with certificate, diplomas, and degrees in agricultural disciplines and food sciences.
  4. Civic Ghana: The NABCO module that is open to all tertiary graduates of any discipline
  5. Revenue Ghana: The NABCO job module that is open for all tertiary graduates of any discipline
  6. Digitize Ghana: The module that is open to all tertiary graduates of any discipline but those with an ICT background are strongly encouraged to apply
  7. Enterprise Ghana: The NABCO module that is open to all tertiary graduates of any discipline.

Requirements for NABCO Online Registration Portal

  • Applicants must reside and be Ghanaian citizen
  • Email address
  • Softcopy of a passport size picture
  • Scanned copy of highest degree/diploma qualification (file must be in pdf format)
  • Certificate number of degree/diploma (if available)
  • Ghana Post GPS digital address of residence visit (
  • District of residence
  • National Service Scheme (NSS) PIN
  • In addition to the NSS PIN, Heal Ghana Module is open to only graduates with healthcare training and professionally licensed.
  • Applicant licence number/PIN is required. Any of the following National ID:
  • – NHIS Card
  • – National ID card
  • – Passport
  • – Voters ID card
  • Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) Number
  • E-zwich Card Number

How To Apply For NABCO Job

This post gives you more insights of how to apply for NABCO via the online NABCO recruitment portal. Kindly follow the steps below to register for NABCO easily.

  1. Visit the NABCO web portal,
  2. Fill your basic information to complete the form
  3. Confirm your email address and confirm your personal details then click next to continue
  4. Provide your identification details and enter your location address
  5. Fill in your employment details
  6. Cross-check and confirm your details on the summary page at next
  7. Confirm your submission and print your details
  8. You will now be required to go through a validation process ahead of an interview to determine your strong hold for module chosen.

Fields NABCO Trainees will be working

Where NABCO trainees will be working depends on the module chosen, and the fields to work with are; National Identification Authority, Local Assemblies, Lands Commission, NCCE, The Private Sector, Ghana Health Service, Ghana Revenue Authority, Ghana Education Service, and more government agencies.

What To Take Along When Going For NABCO Interview

When going for your NABCO job selection interview, you are required to carry along some items as documents for clarification. These are;

  1. A printed NABCO Application completed
  2. Interview Slip printed
  3. NSS Certificate / Proof of taking part in National Service
  4. Original Copy of Tertiary Certificate (Degree, HND, Diploma, etc)
  5. ID Card used to register (Voters ID / Passport / NHIS / Ghana Card)
  6. Birth Certificate: How To Apply For Birth Certificate Online In Ghana
  7. 1 Passport Photo

How to print your NABCO Interview Slip

To print out your NABCO interview slip, you will have to login to NABCO portal, and print the interview slip after you have chosen an interview date.

NABCO Policy In Ghana

NABCO Policy in Ghana has a lot you may need to know.

Nation Builders Corps also known as NABCO is an initiative introduced by the government of Ghana to provide jobs to unemployed post secondary school graduates(Universities, Training colleges, etc) to solve various social problems in both the private and public sectors and build their skills to promote economic growth. The focus of the initiative will be solving public service delivery in health, education, agriculture, technology, governance and drive revenue mobilization and collection.

NABCO Contact Information

Address: 2 Abafun Cres, Accra, Ghana.
Digital Address: GL-026-0106

Email: [email protected]
Phone numbers: 0278253386, 0278253387, 0547210487, 0547210488, 0547210525, 0206331340, 0206734444, 0547759851

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