Top Digital Skills To Learn And Make Money Online In Nigeria 2021

By | June 25, 2021

In our 21st century where many of our traditional skills and activities have almost gone into extinction, it is almost compulsory to upgrade to the digital skills world to keep up with the trends and improves one’s living. We will be talking about skills to learn to make money in our current reality.

Technology has made things so easy that it is almost impossible to go back to its traditional counterparts— we hardly make reference to non-digital things. People now sell their stuff online, buy things online, go to school online, hold meetings online, create problem-solving platforms, and even spend money online. The world has become so digital and technological now. In fact, in order to be employable, you must have honed some digital skills. However, some skills require time and maximum concentration to gain mastery of.

Learning some digital skills to make money online or physically can help your self-worth and increase your chances of being employable or better,  working as a freelancer from home. In this article I’ll mention some skills to learn to make money online within a short period, gain mastery of, and begin to commercialize them. You can either learn these skills online from the comfort of your table and chair or learn them physically. You can find most of these courses on Udemy, Cousera, Alison, Skillshare, Mediabistro and YouTube.

In our today’s update from ICT Catalogue, I would like to explain to you on Top Digital Skills To Learn And Make Money Online In Nigeria 2021.

These are the top Skills to Learn to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2021.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the very bedrock of every online content you find on the search engine. SEO helps you promote your content, goods, services, and helps levitate your presence online. People are more likely to purchase from you when you appear relevant in an online search than paying to drive traffic there.

By understanding the power and ability of the SEO, you can optimize your products and content to limitless traffic. Although it is a complicated skill to master, you can start learning the rudiments of SEO such as making keywords research and writing Meta tags and descriptions.

Web Development

The need for you to begin acquiring this skill will continue to increase as people are connecting every day to the internet. People will continue to display their goods online and do all most all their stuff on the internet. Over a hundred websites are created on a daily basis, and expert web developers are on the highest demand by business owners and investors. It will be very fruitful for you if you invest your time in honing this skill. I assure you that this skill alone can make you cash out six figures every month either as a freelancer or as an employee.

Digital Marketing

Apart from gaining mastery of the SEO, digital marketing is also worth gaining mastery of. This is about the basic principles that are diving through mediums such as social media. If you invest your time to marketing using the internet, you’ll be able to crush it at whatever businesses you create. This skill can also help you make money through passive income.

Email Marketing

This is one of the surest ways to inform your customers about a new product, maintain a good relationship with them, and make some incredible amount of dollars on the internet.

Sending the right email to their inbox, compelling them to take action upon a particular product can make your business be on a skyrocket. Skills to Learn to Make Money Online can’t be complete without this skill. It can be learned online and requires consistent practice.


This is one of the most lucrative skills to learn to make money online. This skill is very important, if you wanna make money online. In fact, I regard it as a lazy man’s way to earning six figures. If you can write compelling ads copy that makes your target audience want to buy that product or click the button, then you’re on your way to earning real money right from just writing some persuasive words on a page.

Although, I call it the lazy man’s way to riches, it actually requires working smart, good customer service, persuasive tone, consistency in practice, and a lot of reading. You can work for an advertisement agency or work remotely as a freelancer.  Here are some books to read to understand this field:

  • Joseph Sugarman: The Adweek Copywriting Handbook
  • David Ogilvy: Confessions of an Advertising Man
  • Robert. W. Bly: The Copywriter’s Handbook
  • Claude C. Hopkins: Scientific Advertising
  • Gary Halbert: The Boron Letters

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is more than managing a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile, an Instagram page or updating status on WhatsApp. Just like digital marketing and copy writing,  learning how to commercialise your business through your social media handles can help you earn on a daily basis. All you need is good communication skills and advertising skills.

Computer Programming

This is also one of the Skills to Learn to Make Money Online which is in high demand that you can learn and make money online. While technology is rapidly replacing our traditional skills and activities, programmers and tech experts are much wanted by tech companies, business owners, markets , and investors to create their websites, software and phone apps for them. Acquiring this skill online can make you rich if you’re smart enough.

Graphics Design

Being creative with Corel Draw, Canva, Lightroom and Photoshop isn’t just a hobby, skill, or talent; it is a business that can make you earn some money online. It is as profitable as a thousand dollars if your at the top of your game.

Brands, business, investors are in dire need for graphic designers to create their logo and project their businesses through pictures and give theirs brand a recognition. If you invest time in learning this skill, you would earn enough money not to think of a 9-5 job.

Content Writing

This is the oldest skill on Earth, and in fact it is the most ubiquitous skill for freelancers. 7 out of 10 freelancers on Upwork or Fiverr are content writers. This is because this is a very lucrative skill that can’t be saturated in 100 years to come. It is one thing to form a sentences; it is another thing to to write a compelling, entertaining, beautiful content for a blog post, newspaper, magazine, etc, which puts thousands of dollars on your bank account. In fact no matter what you do, you must learn how to write we’ll of you really wanna make some money. In other words, writing is not only for writers or journalists, it’s for you too.

As a freelancer who wants to earn a thousand dollars or more, you must write unique and exceptional contents for your clients. Building this skill requires maximum concentration and constant practice. Skillshare is a nice online platform to get started.

Catering and Culinary Skills

Don’t let this stay at home order from the COVID-19 be a waste. Learn how to cook and bake cakes and other things now that you have the chance to. You can make cool money from this after about six months of learning; you can open a YouTube channel and teach others while marketing your business online.


Other skills you can learn includes: Public speaking, Carpentry, Fashion designing, car repair, electronics, etc. You can learn any of this skills and place your business online, you start earning cool money online other than your local customers.

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