How To Get More Followers On TikTok 2021

By | June 24, 2021

Getting more followers on Tik Tok has been one of the greatest desires of many Tik Tokers around the globe and this post has more to educate you about the possible ways to gain more tik tok followers easily.

In this article, we’ll be discussing on something interesting and tutorial: how to earn massive followers on Tiktok. Earlier last week, I published a post on making money from Tiktok. But, this post will focus on something more basic, which is earning more followers on Tiktok. 

Tiktok emerged almost a decade ago, in 2012 precisely, and gained its widest popularity in 2020, during the COVID-19 lockdown. People started installing it from the app store as a video sharing social media. It hit over 2 million downloads on Google Play Store. COVID-19 triggered it’s popularity as a video sharing and social media platform, second to Instagram. 

Yes, Instagram has been around for over a decade and it is one of the biggest social media in terms of video content including trendy information. Smart Instagram users have made a lot of differences by leveraging the power of Instagram. In other words, Instagram has made them a lot of money, gained them influence, as well as popularity. 

Now to TikTok, which just gained popularity with its counterpart, Likee and Snapchat, you can also leverage the use of TikTok just like the way Instagram content creators have done. But, first you must have to earn popularity. And to earn popularity, you need massive followers. In this post, I will talk about how to earn massive followers on TikTok. 

Creative Content

To earn more followers, creative content (video) is essential to earn massive followers.

Content is king. This popular word from Bill Gate , when he emphasized that content is essential for business growth. Creative video content created by you as TIkTok user is just as essential as anything.

Now, your content on TikTok should be so unique that it helps you generate a predefined audience. After all, you won’t like to create content that won’t resonate with the right target audience.

Define your Target Audience

Defining your target audience is not supposed to be a difficult task; your target audience should be predetermined by the kind of contents you create. Then you begin to question yourself about the following: 

  • What product or services are you selling?
  • Are you selling a product?
  • Or you’re rendering a service?

Once you’ve picked your option about what you’re doing on TIkTok, remember, I mentioned content: your content has to be unique and resonates to an already predetermined audience. The more engagement you get on the video content you make, the high chance you get to appear on the “For You” page. Once you appear on the “For You” page, your visibility and engagement increases even more. Then your target audience is already established; people begin to engage with you and follow you on TIkTok.

Study Your Competitors

As you begin to gather your target audience and your followers begin to increase on TIkTok, try to gather information about what would please these followers of yours. Make research on your competitors and what strategies they use to keep their already earned massive followership. This you should do by looking for keywords and hashtags relating to your niche. This will help you in developing more unique and better content ideas to implement for your audience.

Follow and Participate in TikTok Trends

Following and participating in trending stories across the internet helps you gain more insights about what are happening and channel your tik tok moments to the trends.

Following trends makes brands relevant, relatable, and “cool.” Having a brand channel on TikTok and participating in trends is all about reaching your audience where they are. It demonstrates that your brand understands the platform and can engage with users and have fun with trends. In other words, it’s top-of-funnel awareness marketing.

This is all you may need to know about How To Get More Followers On TikTok 2021.

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